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The DigitAll program can be broken down into three initiation levels, which cover essential computer skills, and two specialized levels, which cover skills used in specific professions. Each level will take approximately 20 hours to complete. 


In the first three levels, you will become acquainted with basic computer functions, safe web browsing practices, and available online job search tools. Then, in the two specialized levels, you will develop expertise in word processing and spreadsheet tools. 


At the end of the course, you will take a Pix exam to obtain official certification for your digital skills. This certification is recognized by the French government and will provide you with a valuable credential to showcase your capabilities!

What skills will you master?

Introducing essential digital skills

Beginner level


Price: Free

Number of hours: three initiation levels (20h each) + two specialized levels (20h each); total 100 hours

Duration: 5 weeks

Session options: Daytime or evening

Location: In-person training at Konexio partner sites, in close proximity to participant neighborhoods

Instructors: Konexio’s Digital Advisors and trained volunteers


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Beginner level

- Major computer components and functions

- Email operation

- Basic internet browsing

- Security and data protection

- Simple personal and professional computer uses

- Introduction to Word

Intermediate level

- File management

- Secure internet browsing

- Email inbox management

- Word processing 

- Powerpoint introduction

- Job search tools

- Pix: Topics on the exam

Advanced level

- Word and Excel basics

- Cloud computing

- Social media

- Professional smartphone usage

- Pix: Practical application and certification preparation

Specialization: Web essentials

- Web navigation and security measures

- Browser uses and settings management

- Online information search and evaluation

- Copyright and data protection concepts

- Online community, communication, and email etiquette

Specialization: Excel

- Spreadsheet structure

- Efficient data entry

- Simple and complex formulas

- Creating graphics

- Using functions

- Formatting data

Discover our program

Find our detailed curriculum here, breaking down the DigitAll levels from beginner to advanced:


  • Be 18 years or older

  • Have at least an A2 level in French

  • Be highly motivated to learn

Career opportunities

The initial three levels will prepare you to take the Pix certification exam, as well as boost your computer skills for job hunting. The additional specialized levels dive further into digital skills required for certain professions, as is the case for 75% of professions in France today.


  •  You must be 18 or older, have A2-level French proficiency, and be eager to learn how to use office tools.

  • No, we provide computers during the training sessions.

  • Email us at, and we'll reply shortly!

  •  No, all of our programs are free for participants.

  • No, the DigitAll program is completely free, so you do not need to use your CPF.

  • No, registration isn't linked to the France Travail employment service.

  • No, the training is not paid.

  • Yes, participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each 20-hour level.

  • Yes, we'll contact you as soon as a spot opens up in a group that aligns with your preferences for time, location, and weekly schedule. 

  • For our daytime sessions, Digital Advisors from Konexio will guide you through the course sessions. For our evening sessions, expert volunteers trained on our curriculum will take over.

  • Yes, send us an email and we'll discuss how best to adapt our training to your specific needs.

Interested in a partnership?

Discover how we can collaborate.

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers. 

Our Training Programs

Beginner level


Understanding digital basics

The DigitAll training program covers everything you need to know to use a computer, whether you want to complete simple administrative tasks or to find a job online. The course is taught in small learning groups tailored to accommodate your current computer experience and capabilities.

This program is offered at the following locations:

Training Locations

Check our upcoming training schedule to ensure you don't miss out! On average, learners start training 1 to 3 months after registration. 




Attend an interview to assess your skill level


Complete your registration with an advisor


Join a group matching your skill level


Complete the 5-week training


Sign up for the next level

Upcoming Sessions

Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity

Despite his law degree, Hussain, a political refugee from Afghanistan who arrived in France in 2016, was facing a digital divide blocking his career aspirations. “Before, I was always looking for someone to help me do my paperwork, my research, my subscriptions... Now, I do everything myself, and even more: I'm the one who helps others".Thanks to the digital skills he acquired with Konexio, he was able to train as a receptionist, then land an internship and then a job as a receptionist at B&B Hotels.


DigitAll student

"This training course has opened doors for me, especially when it comes to job hunting, which was previously only done in person. Now I'm independent and can manage my application via a computer. What's also important is that I can help those around me. I was even able to help a manager of a company I applied for, who couldn't solve a technical problem. Thanks to this digital training, I was able to get a job as a surface technician and kitchen assistant in a high school."


DigitAll student

Axel has been a disabled worker in an ESAT for the past 13 years, and has now embarked on a new professional challenge: to find a job in a mainstream environment. After struggling to find free training adapted to his disability, he joined DigitAll to acquire the digital skills needed to successfully complete his project. Following his training at Konexio, Axel was able to leave his ESAT and has been working at "Café Joyeux" since June 2023.


DigitAll student

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

Testimonials from our partners 

"In 2022, we were approached by Konexio, and it was a no-brainer for us to work together to offer digital training to our public. It's a qualitative addition to our service offering, and people often ask us: "When is Konexio starting up again?". Since we started, there has been a clear increase in autonomy in the use of IT tools and online procedures."

Stéphanie Goisset, Events and local communication representative, Bagnolet employment center

Testimonials from our partners 

"Aurore and Konexio have a very complementary approach. On Aurore's side, we're focused on teaching French, and digital technology seems to us to be another language that our students need to acquire. The evening schedule is particularly well-suited, as students can attend language classes during the day and digital classes in the evening. The result: students are more at ease with digital tools, know how to better manage their relationship with the administration and associated procedures, and are more autonomous in responding to job offers."

Karine Arvieu, PIC Réfugiés professional integration officer, Association Aurore

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