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Konexio’s G.O.A.L. project selected by Île-de-France!

Updated: May 11

In June 2020, the Île-de-France Region launched a call for projects within the PRIC Framework (a Regional Skills Investment Pact). Projects should experiment with new and innovative solutions for vocational training. Specifically, the call sought innovative training methods, increased accessibility to "invisible populations", adapted content to meet current labor market needs, and solutions oriented around new technologies.

G.O.A.L.: A global project to guide, support and fight against inequalities

Starting in January 2021 for a period of 18 months, this project aims to set up training courses that teach digital skills, soft skills, and awareness of the “jobs of the future”, such as web developer, technician networks and systems, and other tech industry jobs. The goal is to facilitate successful social and professional integration for 220 vulnerable people in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis who significantly lack employable skills.

Konexio aims to increase its effectiveness through the unique opportunities offered by PRIC, such as the ability to implement continuous training over the duration of the project and a multi-stakeholder approach :

  • Continuous training allows students to build up a strong foundation of essential skills that are highly demanded by employers today, and which have strong potential to meet the needs of the future of work

  • More professional opportunities geared towards digital technology or towards industrial professions, which are increasingly digitized 

  • Strong expertise from the consortium of partners involved in the project 

Konexio is carrying out this project in partnership with Article 1, Cité Tech, Webforce 3 and Industreet and with the support of the Île-de-France region.

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