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Our Training Programs

Explore Your Talent
Beginner level

Explore Your Talent

Start your Professional Integration Journey

Are you feeling unsure about your professional future? Are you interested in careers and in-demand tech jobs, but don’t know where to start?

This course is your gateway to professional integration, providing an introduction to the essential skills you will need to thrive in the workforce:

Find your career path

Gain expertise in relevant skills

Get a double digital certification, useful for whatever path you choose next

Our professional integration program 

The “Explore Your Talent” program is a two-month intensive training course, from Monday to Friday, at Konexio’s HQ in Paris. This program equips students to enter the world of work with:

  • A dual digital certification (Pix and CléA Numérique)

  • Increased job awareness, allowing for informed career decisions

  • A wider professional network

  • Continuous career guidance

  • Better business logic and practical computer skills, unlocking new opportunities

  • Improved interpersonal skills (teamwork, public speaking, professional communication, and more)

Beginer level

Explore your talent

Price: This program is 100% free and can be combined with a Youth Commitment Contract (CEJ)

Number of hours: Approximately 300 hours

Duration: 2 months

Location: In-person training


learner satisfaction


completion rate


Pix and

CléA Numérique certification pass rate

Strengthen your basic logic and math skills

Learn how to solve everyday problems through math and logic exercises. This foundational knowledge is essential to thriving in any business sector, not just IT. Additionally, you will need these skills to pass the technical tests required to enroll in further career-track courses.

Boost your digital skills

Boost your IT skills, from essential office tools to basic digital applications. 


The program also prepares you to pass the Pix and Cléa Numérique certifications!

Explore in-demand jobs

Discover promising careers in up-and-coming sectors such as digital technology and the green transition. Meet with experts and take advantage of this opportunity to grow your professional network and increase your employment opportunities.

Discover the professional world

Strengthen your interpersonal skills, which are crucial to corporate success, through team projects and daily interactions with peers and professionals. This program provides an opportunity to build your self-confidence and support your professional and social integration.

Discover our program

The Explore Your Talent program covers four key topics that address the main obstacles to professional integration.

The goal is to equip learners with the skills needed to assess situations and solve problems commonly encountered in the working world. These two skills – Problem Solving and Situation Analysis – are highly sought after by recruiters.


  • Be between the age of 16 and 25 (or under 30 for people with disabilities)

  • Have at least B1 level French

  • Be available to attend in-person class for 2 months, Monday to Friday, at the Konexio campus (located in the 20th arrondissment)

  • Have the curiosity and drive to learn more about business and IT

  • Be highly motivated to work both independently (handling lots of IT-related tasks) and as part of a team

What career opportunities does this program offer?

This program is not designed to funnel you into a specific profession, but rather enable you to build your career path based on your experiences throughout the course.

By exploring different fields and accumulating a variety of skills, you will be able to determine the career that suits you best, orient your professional goals, and pursue the career track that is right for you.

Training Locations

  • Konexio Paris (75)

  • Konexio Val de Marne (94)

  • Konexio Bordeaux Métropole Médoc Libournais (33)

Apply to the program to be notified about new sessions.


Prepare your application

  • Read the prerequisites

  • Complete the online application form (5 minutes)

  • Wait to be contacted by phone


Discuss with our team

  • Complete a 20-30 minute assessment interview on our premises

  • Collaborate with our staff to define your professional goals 


Begin your training

  • Confirm your placement

  • Get ready to start class!

Upcoming Sessions


  • Yes, send us an email and we'll discuss how best to adapt our training to your specific needs.

  • No, the training is entirely free, and nothing will be deducted from your CPF.

  • No, there is no need. The training is completely free, and you don't need to contact your France Travail agency.

  • No, the course is not paid, but all trainees can benefit from the Youth Commitment Contract (CEJ).

    You can contact Missions Locales and France Travail to receive these benefits, so make sure to do your research before the training starts!

  • Yes, just be sure to register through the online form, and we will reach out to you shortly. If a spot becomes available in an ongoing class, or if a new class starts, we will let you know so that you can jump right in.

  • Explore Your Talent will prepare you to take both the Pix and CléA Numérique certifications, recognized by the French government. During the course, Konexio provides advice to students who wish to continue their education and enroll in a career-track course.

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers.

Contact the team

Konexio Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

La cité bleue: 176 rue Achard Bat D 33300 Bordeaux

If you have a question about our courses

+33 (0)6 03 20 29 46

Konexio Paris, Val-de-Marne, Île-de-France

15 rue de la Réunion, Paris 75020

If you have a question about our courses

+33 (0)7 49 21 46 90

Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity

"During the Explore Your Talent (ETT) program, I felt I had good support to help me learn about IT and build my career plan. There was a good atmosphere both in the group and on the campus, and I particularly liked the programming-related subjects (code courses, HTML, etc.). Today, I've applied and I'm planning to train as an IT support technician, and then go on to study for a diploma as a systems and networks technician, specializing in cybersecurity analysis. I'm highly motivated to succeed!"


Explore Your Talent student

"Thanks to Explore Your Talent (ETT), I've gained a lot of self-confidence, especially when it comes to public speaking! I found all the courses interesting and the environment of the training is very supportive. The program has given me lots of opportunities: I've just finished my bakery helper training and I'll soon be starting a diploma in pastry-making (CAP Pâtisserie)."


Explore Your Talent student

"At Konexio, I loved the exchanges and interactions within the class, with everyone contributing their bit to move the group forward. Also, I discovered a number of computer languages, the course was diversified and the trainers very engaging. The program confirmed my desire to pursue a career related to computer coding, and I've just passed the Ecole 42 pool. I've been selected to join the school and I'm moving forward with my project to become a developer."


Explore Your Talent student

Mathilde Marie, Training Manager, Make ICI

Testimonials for our partners

"I've been working with Konexio since the launch of their first Explore Your Talent training program. We organize workshop visits on our premises for the students, and as a result several young people have applied for our Cycle Animator Mechanic program. For example, Kadijatou, a former Konexio student, started her training a few months ago and is demonstrating the rigor and motivation needed to obtain her certification!"

Mathilde Marie, Training Manager, Make ICI

Emma Charmant, Project Manager, Simplon

Testimonials for our partners

"We collaborate with Konexio and especially with their new Explore Your Talent (ETT) promotion. It makes total sense for us to offer motivated young people of all levels training that matches their skills. The students on this course are familiar with the digital environment, and this "matches" well with the programs we offer them: Web Developer,  Senior Systems and Networks Technician, the Apple Foundation Program or Video Game Support Technician. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration for future cohorts!"

Emma Charmant, Project Manager, Simplon

Jihene Lakhal, Professional integration advisor, LYR 93 Local Mission

Testimonials for our partners

"Our Mission Locale has been working effectively with Konexio on its new Explore Your Talent (ETT) program for a year now. This partnership enables us to offer quality pre-qualifying training to our young public. It enables them to envisage their future career plans and develop the technical and soft skills they need to prepare for the future. The recruitment process within the program, the support provided to students and the exchanges with Konexio are also very easy!"

Jihene Lakhal, Professional integration advisor, LYR 93 Local Mission

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