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Our Training Programs

Bachelor's in Cybersecurity with DevOps focus
3 years post-high-school / Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity with DevOps focus

Become a System Security administrator

The System Security Administrator implements, administers, and secures local and cloud computing systems. They design and deploy solutions to meet evolving needs and optimize monitoring systems.


At the end of the intensive training, students may be offered permanent employment, fixed-term employment, or an apprenticeship contract based on their profile.

Through the program, you will:

Design and implement your company's IT systems

Ensure the smooth operation of telecommunications systems and IT equipment

Ensure the performance and security of your network

Preparation for RNCP Level 6 Diploma
(3 years post-high-school / Bachelor’s Degree)

RNCP Code : RNCP31115

Title Certifier: Ministry of Labor

Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity with DevOps focus through Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) and/or apprenticeship

During this training, you will learn to carry out the deployment and supervision operations of IT systems. You will enhance your knowledge of the fundamental principles of the DevOps approach as well as the elements of securing systems.

At the end of the intensive training, students may be offered permanent employment, fixed-term employment, or an apprenticeship contract based on their profile.

Career-track program

System Security Administrator

Price: Free for students and companies. France Travail fully covers the training costs under the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI)

Training Structure:

Intensive Training: 3 months (400 hours) in Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI)


  • Alternating Schedule: 1 week in training / 3 weeks in the workplace

  • Additional 420 hours of training

​Format: In-person and/or online

 Hosting & Cloud

  • Understand various cloud services related to application deployment


  • Implement an automated system to create and configure servers, streamlining deployment

 Integrating applications

  • Use Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) 

  • Prepare a testing environment

  • Data storage management

  • Container management


  • Supervise a group of services across multiple servers

  • Ensure resources are available and scalable


  • Analyze and monitor deployed service data in production using alert systems and dashboards

Combined Methods

  • DevOps and Agility

  • DevOps and Lean

  • DevOps and ITIL

  • Learning Methods and Frameworks

  • Practical experience with physical systems

  • Project management in team environments

Administering and Securing Systems

  • Apply best practices in system administration

  • Administer and secure network systems

  • Administer and secure system infrastructures

  • Administer and secure virtual systems

Designing and Implementing a Solution in Response to Evolving Needs

  • Design a technical solution to address system development needs

  • Deploy infrastructure developments into production

  • Implement and optimize system monitoring

Participating in Cybersecurity Management

  • Measure and analyze system security levels

  • Develop and implement of security policies

  • Detect and handle of security incidents

Responsibility in the Digital Field

  • Principles of eco-design for digital services

  • Optimize physical systems

  • Audit suppliers / "Green" servers

  • Equipment lifecycle / refurbishment 

Discover our program

Read more about our Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity with a DevOps focus and how Konexio supports students on their journey to becoming a System Security Administrator.

Project 1 : Designing secure and ecological physical systems

  • Analyze requirements and drafting specifications

  • Recommend equipment solutions

  • Define layered software design

  • Design and implement dedicated applications - DevOps

Projet 2 : Developing desktop applications (interface, console) with artificial intelligence

  • Analyze requirements and drafting specifications

  • Recommend equipment solutions

  • Define layered software design

  • Design and implement dedicated applications - DevOps


  • Be a job seeker registered with France Travail

  • Have a minimum level of B2 in French

  • Hold a 2 years post-high school certificate / an associate degree in computer science (Professional Title in System and Network Administration, BTS SISR, BUT in Networks and Telecommunications, Bachelor's degree in IT network professions) or have professional experience in systems and networks administration roles

  • Have a genuine interest in the profession and a clear career objective

  • Be ready to start an intensive training program and have what it takes to succeed

We pay special attention to gender parity and the diversity of backgrounds represented within a cohort. In this process, we also welcome applications from people with disabilities.

Career opportunities

  • Systems and Networks Administrator (and Security)

  • Systems Administrator (and Security)

  • Networks Administrator (and Security) 

  • Systems and Cloud Administrator 

  • Cybersecurity Administrator 

  • Systems and Networks Infrastructure Manager Manager, DevOps

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Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity

For Saleem, a former airport receptionist from Pakistan, IT represents the future. After facing partial unemployment during the Covid-19 crisis, he decided to turn to this sector. Starting out with no systems and networks skills, he determinedly embarked on the Senior Systems and Networks Technician training program at Konexio. After a difficult start, Saleem distinguished himself and landed an internship with Capgemini in Toulouse, followed by a job offer with Akkodis. Since October 2022, he has held a permanent position as a network systems technician, and is now looking forward to taking the CCNA and CCNP certifications to become a systems and network administrator.


Senior Systems and Networks Technician student

Following a work accident, Pierre, construction site carpenter, changed his career path. After graduating as an IT Assistant Technician, he decided to complete his training by joining Konexio's Senior Systems and Networks Technician training program. At 55, Pierre is perfecting his technical skills and strengthening his soft skills. Despite the comparisons often made with younger candidates, Pierre rose to the challenge of the work-study program with flying colors: he joined the Monoprix group in August 2023 and hopes to continue with the company after his training.


Senior Systems and Networks Technician student

After completing her STI2D baccalaureate with a major in Information Systems, Fairouz was attracted to the IT sector, but the sexism of one of her teachers initially dissuaded her from pursuing this passion. Despite this attempt to discourage her, she finally decided to turn towards the profession of Senior System and Network Technician and joined the Konexio program. Since January 2024, she has been doing her work-study at Sun City Group, and feels that the team trusts her to carry out her assignments. Her advice to women who want to go into tech: "You have to go for it and give it your all!" In her opinion, to get things moving, we need more women in training and more responsibility given to women in the corporate world.


Senior Systems and Networks Technician student

Application Process

The average time between application and integration into the program is two months.


Initial application phase

  • Read the prerequisites

  • Prepare an updated CV 

  • Complete the online application form (form link)


Konexio pre-selection phase

  • Take a technical test

  • Schedule an interview


Company selection phase

  • Partner companies validate pre-selected profiles (there is the possibility of additional tests and interviews during this stage)


Intensive training phase (3 months)


Potential offer of a permanent, fixed-term, or apprenticeship positions at the partner company

Read the FAQ for more information on the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) and apprenticeship opportunities. 

Our Locations

You can take this training at our centers:

Application Process

The average time between application and integration into the program is two months.


Je candidate

  • Je prends connaissance des prérequis

  • Je prépare mon CV à jour 

  • Je complète le formulaire d'inscription (lien formulaire)


Konexio pré-sélectionne les profils

  • Je passe un test technique

  • Je réalise un entretien individuel


Validation de ma candidature

  • L’entreprise partenaire valide les profils présélectionnés (possibilité de tests et entretiens complémentaires)


Démarrage de la formation intensive


Embauche en CDI, CDD ou alternance chez l’entreprise partenaire

Read the FAQ for more information on the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) and apprenticeship opportunities.


  • Yes, send us an email and we'll discuss how best to adapt our training to your specific needs.

  • “DevOps refers to the blend of tasks performed by teams within a company responsible for application development (Dev) and system operations (Ops).” (source: le MagIT)

  • There are two possible tracks to take within this program: 

    • Apprenticeship: If the candidate already has a solid grounding in systems and networks and wishes to enhance their skills in a professional environment, they will join the apprenticeship training program, which includes 420 hours of training. Class takes place for 1 week every 3 weeks over a 1-year period. 

    • Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) + apprenticeship: If the candidate wishes to improve their skills quickly to then be completely operational in a business environment, they will take part in our 400-hour intensive bootcamp for approximately 3 months, followed by a one-year apprenticeship program. 

  • The Individual Operational Preparation for Employment (POEI) is a French vocational training scheme designed to prepare job seekers for a specific position within a company. During the training period, the job seeker continues to receive unemployment benefits or other financial assistance while undergoing training.

    This program aims to boost a job seeker’s marketable skills while reducing the financial burden that typically comes with undergoing additional education, helping them integrate into the job market long-term.

    To this end, Konexio is actively seeking interested companies to launch the program.

  • The Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) offers candidates the opportunity to boost their skills while maintaining their “job seeker” status, ensuring they keep the benefits that come with this title.

    • Selection: Konexio sends candidates' profiles to companies after analyzing their skills and previous experience.

    • Validation: Once shortlisted, candidates are screened by our company partners offering apprenticeship opportunities to ensure they meet any additional required criteria.

    • Hiring: Once candidates have completed the training, they will potentially be hired by the company, if their performance is satisfactory. Candidates may be hired directly, or on a temporary contract or apprenticeship basis, depending on the terms and conditions.

  • Apprenticeship programs offer students a unique opportunity to combine theory and practice, providing a real springboard for future professional careers.

    • Gaining real-life work experience: Apprenticeship students have the opportunity to work in a company while pursuing their studies, giving them hands-on experience in their field of study.

    • Putting knowledge into practice:  Thanks to apprenticeship programs, learners can apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom directly in the field, reinforcing their understanding and know-how.

    • Skills development: Working in a company enables apprentices to develop professional skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving that are in demand by employers.

    • Easier integration into the job market: Periods spent on the job give alternating students the opportunity to build up a professional network and develop contacts that can facilitate their integration into the job market once they have completed their studies. Four out of five apprentices find a job after completing their contract.

    • Remuneration: Apprenticeship students generally receive remuneration during their apprenticeship periods, which can help finance their studies and reduce their financial dependence on their families.

    • Skills validation: Students obtain a diploma as well as recognized professional experience, making them more attractive to employers. 

    For more information on apprenticeship programs, visit the French Ministry of Labor website.

  • The training is free of charge for all students. Our programs are funded by the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) with France Travail, the Skills Investment Plan (PIC), Skills Operators (OPCO), or company financing.

  • The typical apprenticeship schedule is one week of training and three weeks of working.

  • No, this is not necessary. We seek partnerships with companies interested in taking on trainees, and we launch training cohorts according to their needs. This way, we know what profiles our partners are looking for, and we propose shortlisted candidates who match this demand.

  • There are two types of apprenticeship contracts: 

    1.  Apprenticeship contract:

    • Must be between 16 and 29

    • If you are over 30, you must be a person with disabilities, a top athlete, or have an agreement to set up or take over a business that requires a diploma

    1. Professionalization contract:

    • Must be between the ages of 16 and 25 to be eligible for the initial training course

    • Or be a job seeker age 26 or over

    • Or receive Active Solidarity Income (RSA), Special Solidarity Allowance (ASS) or Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH) benefits

    • Or have benefited from a subsidized Single Insertion Contract (CUI)

    More information on apprenticeship programs can be found here.

Julia Gensburger, CSR Manager at Mobsuccess Group

Partners testimonials

"First, we were lucky enough to be able to support Konexio financially at Christmas, thanks to a DIFT campaign that was much appreciated by our clients. Indeed, as a player in the sector, we are keen to promote apprenticeships in digital professions. We have given concrete expression to our commitment by employing a Konexio student to complete a work-study program with the Mobsuccess Group. We're delighted that Athman has joined our team and that Konexio has provided such excellent support. We hope to be able to continue our involvement with Konexio in a variety of ways, sharing our professional experience and learning from the students' experiences, thus contributing to the commitment of our staff and management, in line with the values of mutual aid and transmission that are dear to Mobsuccess."

Julia Gensburger, CSR Manager at Mobsuccess Group

Lucile Poirier, General Delegate of the Free Foundation

Partners testimonials

"As part of the partnership signed between the Free Foundation and Konexio, we are offering several Group entities the opportunity to host learners. By working together, our two organizations are helping to reduce the digital divide and promote social and professional integration. It's a rich human experience that our Scaleway entity has been able to put into practice by recruiting students. The expertise of Konexio's team facilitates integration, the choice of candidates and exchanges."

Lucile Poirier, General Delegate of the Free Foundation

Nicolas Sap, IT Manager at Patchwork

Partners testimonials

"What stood out for me was his motivation, which exuded from his whole being. Konexio had concocted a months-long bootcamp to arm him with theory, and he was burning to put them to the test in practice. He put so much effort into it that he ended up overtaking me. Without him, I clearly wouldn't have been able to implement the roadmap I had in mind so quickly."

Nicolas Sap, IT Manager at Patchwork

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

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