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Engage your employees

Support our students by sharing your expertise! At Konexio, we make sure our students receive a well-rounded education to fully prepare them for the workplace, which means complimenting hard skills with soft skills training.

Through skills mentorship, you will

Promote your employees’ expertise and support their desire to give back to society

Mobilize your employees to support projects reflecting your CSR initiatives

Drive social change by providing direct support to students on key aspects of their socio-professional integration

How to get involved ?

One-off commitments

Coach our students (half-day commitment)

Provide one-on-one student support to give consultation on personal integration-related issues. For example, help students write CVs, emails, or responses to job offers.

Enhance Student Job Awareness (1 hour commitment)

Introduce students to available professions and further education options to help them orient their career goals. The overall intention is to connect populations marginalized from employment opportunities in touch with working professionals.

We have no technical prerequisites to become a skills mentor, and are open to accepting professionals from any sector.

Periodic Engagement

Digital Literacy Programs (2 hour commitment every week for 5 weeks)

Help underserved talent achieve fundamental digital literacy, beneficial for both their personal and professional lives. These sessions will be used to promote our DigitAll program.

Introductory code workshops (2 hour commitment every week for 5 weeks)

 Introduce students to the Web Development profession and what kind of skills they need to succeed in this field (basic  HTML, CSS, and Javascript instruction). These sessions will be used to promote our DigiStart program.

Knowledge of office tools (for DigitAll) and web development (for DigiStart) are required to run these workshops. For both options, volunteers will undergo prior instruction and be provided training content.

Reminder! In both the US and France, all volunteer hours are tax deductible.

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