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Every year, Konexio supports employees from various companies, institutions, and organizations in their digital upskilling. These organizations use a holistic approach that combines social and professional advancement.

The Konexio approach has three main goals:

Help individuals overcome their fears related to using digital technology

Use office tools on smartphones and computers

Enhance efficiency by increasing the application of digital skills in a professional setting

Our training

Customized training
Companies and organizations

Customized training

Improve your employees' digital skills

For over 5 years, Konexio has been collaborating with organizations in empowering their employees, to enhance their digital skills and prepare for the digitalization of their profession.


individuals trained
across 37 programs in 2023

8 to 16

participants per group to foster

discussion and mutual support


Pix certifications

awarded since 2022

Our Value Proposition

A Customized Approach

Our training courses... incorporate tailored exercises designed to meet your company's and employees' specific needs


Our training courses... emphasize hands-on learning, featuring real-world cases linked to actual projects


Our training courses… promote genuine mastery of the digital skills utilized by companies, empowering employees to thrive and advance in their careers

Training Procedure


Needs Assessment


Training Design


Training Delivery


Skills Evaluation and Feedback

After each training session, we assess progress and verify acquired skills through:

  • Satisfaction ratings

  • Analysis of the skills gained during the course through a final skills assessment

  • Potential certification such as Pix or CléA Numérique

Nos apprenant·e·s témoignent

Konexio c’est avant tout une aventure humaine, sociale et solidaire. Notre objectif est de vous servir de tremplin à l’intégration du domaine digital. Nos apprenants et nos partenaires témoignent.


  • Yes, inclusion is a priority for us. More than 25% of the people trained at Konexio have a Recognition of Disabled Worker Status (RQTH), and our trainers undergo training to better understand the specific needs related to certain disabilities. We tailor our training course to meet the needs of all individuals, including people with disabilities.

  • Our training courses cater to companies and employees of all digital skill levels. Our trainers are passionate about technology, patient in guiding progress, and dedicated to fostering digital autonomy.

  • Contact us via the form, and we will schedule a meeting to understand your needs, context, and the profiles of the potential trainees.

  • We supply equipment depending on the availability of the resources and your training requirements.

  • Most sessions are done at your organization’s premises; however, some training may be held at Konexio's designated location, depending on availability.

  • Yes, our customized courses are flexible to fit your company's schedule and employees' constraints.

  • While we have experience training non-French speakers, a basic A2 level in French is required for the full benefit of our programs.

  • The costs are dependent on the course content and format. We can provide an estimate covering all pedagogical and logistical aspects - preparation, facilitation, potential travel, and material. Konexio is not subject to VAT.

  • Training costs can be included in your annual training plan, which may be covered by your Skills Operator (OPCO) if your company has fewer than 50 employees. OPCOs also cover all or part of the training costs if it leads to a Pix or CléA Numérique certification. We can assist you in this process, in collaboration with your OPCO.

  • Yes, we have extensive experience working with structures, companies, and insertion projects. Our training programs easily integrate into their pathways, whether on half-days or full-days, depending on work schedules.

Customized training course
to meet your employees’ needs and challenges

Select List of Our Programs

Improve My Digital Skills in the Workplace


  • Learn how to use office tools  on smartphones and computers in the workplace

  • Improve your understanding of cybersecurity to protect yourself and your company online 

  • Explore the advancements in the digital landscape (including skills in cloud and generative AI)


Duration : 80 hours

Generation AI Training


  • Explore the use of AI tools in your career 

  • Learn how to find and utilize information, generate content, and make the most of Artificial Intelligence

  • Understand the functioning and customization of AI engines

Duration : 21 hours

Curriculum Vitae Training


  • Complete the training with a ready-to-use resume!

  • Utilize Canva to format resumes and cover letters

  • Acquire the skills to redesign your Curriculum Vitae 

Duration : 7 hours

Artificial Intelligence Discovery Training


  • Gain an understanding of AI: its history, primary functions, and common tools

  • Familiarize yourself with AI operations: queries and content generation

  • Explore ChatGPT and StableDiffusion for image processing


Duration : 3,5 hours

Digital Marketing Training


  • Introduction to digital marketing tools for entrepreneurship 

  • Understand their various functionalities and unique features

  • Enhance skills for quick and efficient implementation


Duration : 7 hours

Digital Ethics Training 


  • Introduce an awareness-building approach to understanding the role of digital technology in society

  • Highlight the environmental impact and significant issues associated with digital technology

  • Equip participants with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and resources to engage responsibly in digital projects


Duration : 7 hours

Collaborative Skills Training (Framapad)


  • Learn how to streamline daily work processes through operational optimization

  • Centralize information, update content, and enhance accessibility

  • Select appropriate digital collaboration skills to enhance communication and streamline task management


Duration : 7 hours

Social Network Training


  • Design a tailored communication strategy for social networks in alignment with project identity and goals

  • Analyze the effectiveness and impact of audience engagement 

  • Establish and implement an editorial strategy and campaigns

Duration : 7 hours

Canva Training


  • Introduction to Canva: a user-friendly tool for creating visual documents

  • Gain digital autonomy in crafting presentations, resumes, and digital marketing visuals using templates

  • Learn to export documents in various formats and directly publish them on social media

Duration : 7 hours

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers.

Axelle Duval, Training & professional integration project manager at Refugee Food

Testimonials from our partners

"We have worked with Konexio on several occasions as part of our catering and refugee training courses. Konexio has always listened to our needs and created tailor-made programs for our learners. The team is great and the trainers very professional. Having a few digital skills is essential for job hunting in France: responding to a job offer on a job board, exchanging e-mails with a recruiter, updating your CV..., but also for being truly autonomous in your administrative procedures or passing your cookery exams, with the increasing presence of digitalized tests. Integrating digital training into our programs is essential for us."

Axelle Duval, Training & professional integration project manager at Refugee Food

 The API 93 team, Inser'Eco93

Testimonials from our partners

"As part of the API 93 program we've been running since 2022, aimed at delivering a range of training modules for employees on integration schemes residing in priority neighbourhoods in Seine-Saint-Denis, we had the opportunity in 2023 to collaborate with Konexio.

The digital training for these employees was custom-designed for Inser'Eco93, and the Konexio team met our requirements perfectly.

The teaching method used, combined with individualized follow-up support, enabled the employees to become autonomous in their use of a computer and a smartphone, by the end of the 6-week training course."

The API 93 team, Inser'Eco93

Joël Berson, QHSE Manager, GSF Grande Arche Regional Directorate

Testimonials from our partners

"Increasing digital skills is still an issue that is not sufficiently identified by companies. As part of our CSR policy, GSF is committed to ensuring that all our maintenance staff are comfortable with digital tools. We want them to be proud to be able to use them, and to know that digital technology is also for them. It's thanks to Konexio that this commitment has taken shape, and that together we've been helping to break down the wall of digital illiteracy through a renewed and expanded partnership for the past 3 years. Patience, adaptation to each person's situation and certification are the key assets of this scheme."

Joël Berson, QHSE Manager, GSF Grande Arche Regional Directorate

Océane Gangand, director of Causons

Testimonials from our partners

"As part of a training program that we launched for displaced language teachers, our recipients have received digital training from Konexio.  Exchanges were smooth, and Konexio was flexible in terms of dates and schedule. In terms of content, the training program was customized to meet the training needs of our trainers and met our expectations. The trainer explained things well and created a good learning climate around digital technology. All in all, we recommend Konexio's services!"

Océane Gangand, director of Causons

Mallaury Castaing, co-director of Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux, member of the Jeun’ESS program

Testimonials from our partners

"Konexio has made a significant contribution to this initiative by developing and implementing digital training programs tailored to the needs and realities of the young people we support. Their inclusive approach has effectively fostered learning and progression, while building participants' confidence and self-esteem. What sets Konexio apart is their ability to combine technical expertise with social sensitivity. Their interventions are not limited to passing on digital skills, but also aim to open up future prospects and empower young people in an increasingly digital world."

Mallaury Castaing, co-director of Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux, member of the Jeun’ESS program

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