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Making digital technology
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Together, let's create an inclusive world with equal access to digital opportunities


Join our network to enhance your skills for the job market


Recruit from our pool of skilled and diverse talent


Make a positive social impact while fulfilling your digital and business needs


Give back to society by helping learners get their careers off the ground

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Initiation Courses

Learn essential digital skills

  • DigitAll

Career-track Courses

Prepare for your career in tech

  • Senior systems and Networks Technician

  • Web and Mobile developer

  • Salesforce Software Developer

  • Digital Inclusion Program

Discovery Courses

Explore and deepen your digital knowledge

  • DigiStart

  • Explore your talent

For Businesses and Organizations

Strengthen your team's digital skills

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Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity


After obtaining a BTS in small business management and a number of part-time jobs, Maëva decided to change careers. She had always been interested in IT, and enjoyed assembling and repairing her own computer. So she enrolled for the Senior Systems and Networks Technician training course: "I particularly appreciated the follow-up from the trainers and the opportunity to meet partner businesses. For me, it was a real springboard to employment!” After the bootcamp, she met the Scaleway team at a meet-up, which she eventually joined on a work-study position, followed by a permanent job contract.


Senior Systems and Networks Technician student


"At Konexio, I loved the exchanges and interactions within the class, with everyone contributing their bit to move the group forward. Also, I discovered a number of computer languages, the course was diversified and the trainers very engaging. The program confirmed my desire to pursue a career related to computer coding, and I've just passed the Ecole 42 pool. I've been selected to join the school and I'm moving forward with my project to become a developer."


Explore Your Talent student


Axel has been a disabled worker in an ESAT for the past 13 years, and has now embarked on a new professional challenge: to find a job in a mainstream environment. After struggling to find free training adapted to his disability, he joined DigitAll to acquire the digital skills needed to successfully complete his project. Following his training at Konexio, Axel was able to leave his ESAT and has been working at "Café Joyeux" since June 2023.


DigitAll student

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Konexio’s Mission

At Konexio, we believe in digital equality for all. We empower those lacking digital literacy and employment opportunities by providing the digital skills training essential to succeed in today's connected world. We focus on soft skills to help learners succeed socially and professionally. Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive society where everyone has an equal opportunities. 

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Lucile Poirier, General Delegate of the Free Foundation

Testimonials from our Partners

"As part of the partnership signed between the Free Foundation and Konexio, we are offering several Group entities the opportunity to host learners. By working together, our two organizations are helping to reduce the digital divide and promote social and professional integration. It's a rich human experience that our Scaleway entity has been able to put into practice by recruiting students. The expertise of Konexio's team facilitates integration, the choice of candidates and exchanges."

Lucile Poirier, General Delegate of the Free Foundation

Clément Gailly de Taurines, Senior Software Engineer at SAP

Testimonials from our Partners

"We were delighted to welcome Gabriele as an apprentice to our development team at SAP. Her dynamism and willingness to learn were undeniable assets to our team. She has been able to put into practice what she has learned at Konexio, which has proved to be a bridge between school and the business world. Thanks to her curiosity and ability to assimilate new concepts quickly, Gabriele was able to specialize in Cloud and DevOps. We're convinced that her achievements at Konexio and her experience with us will be a real springboard for a brilliant career."

Clément Gailly de Taurines, Senior Software Engineer at SAP

Fanny Telle, Head of the Hauts-de-France branch, Mozaik Foundation

Testimonials from our Partners

"The training programs have a positive impact on empowering people. The digital advisors are good mentors and very patient with the trainees. Level-based groups, small class sizes, and flexible schedules are all factors that enhance the accessibility of our training programs to a broader audience. The quality of the training enables participants to acquire a degree of autonomy in the use of digital technology, thus facilitating their socio-professional integration. What I take away from the partnership with the Konexio teams: an enthusiastic and fruitful collaboration and professionalism dedicated to the fight against digital illiteracy."

Fanny Telle, Head of the Hauts-de-France branch, Mozaik Foundation

Emma Charmant, Project Manager, Simplon

Testimonials from our Partners

"We collaborate with Konexio and especially with their new Explore Your Talent (ETT) promotion. It makes total sense for us to offer motivated young people of all levels training that matches their skills. The students on this course are familiar with the digital environment, and this "matches" well with the programs we offer them: Web Developer,  Senior Systems and Networks Technician, the Apple Foundation Program or Video Game Support Technician. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration for future cohorts!"

Emma Charmant, Project Manager, Simplon

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