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Nouvelle Aquitaine - Bordeaux

in Nouvelle Aquitaine

Professional integration through digital skills training,
branch based in Bordeaux

Konexio has worked in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region since 2020, with training programs in several cities including Bordeaux, Libourne, and the Médoc region. Here, we offer workshops, initiatives, and training courses open to anyone interested in developing their digital skills.

Our digital training courses range from introductory to intermediate skills and are designed to achieve two main objectives:

Empowering students to become digitally autonomous: We train the students on fundamental skills needed to operate a computer in our DigitAll course, from basic navigation to using more technical tools, such as spreadsheets

Guiding students discover the world of coding: We introduce students to coding skills and expose them to tech professions in our DigiStart course

Our digital training courses in Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Konexio's training courses facilitate students’ integration into the job market. Our programs in Bordeaux and Gironde cover beginner to intermediate digital skills, from basic computer fundamentals to basic coding. 


If students wish to deepen their digital skills after mastering our programs, we connect them to our strategic local partners offering additional professional development opportunities. 

Anyone can register to take our courses. At Konexio, we place inclusivity at the center of our program design and have customized our programs to support communities traditionally marginalized from tech opportunities (refugees, unemployed youth, job seekers, senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc.). We support students of all backgrounds on their socio-professional integration journey. 


Our training courses are:

  • Open to all levels

  • Free for learners

  • Focused on digital autonomy and socio-professional integration

  • Available in over 16 locations in Gironde


We are supported by both public and private partners. Our training programs are free for the learners thanks to them, through the apprenticeship tax or direct funding of the promotions.

Introductory course

Learning basic digital skills

From the basics of how computers work, to surfing the web, to mastering more advanced tools – you’ll learn everything you need to know to operate a computer with ease, for both personal and professional purposes!

We offer three skill levels so you can progress at your own pace:

  • Learn essential digital skills for everyday personal and professional tasks
  • Master internet navigation tools and business software
  • Discover tools to help you in your job search: create your CV, send an email, and search for job offers on the Internet

Discovery course

Introduction to code

The DigiStart course is an introduction to web development and its most common programming languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Our curriculum covers the skills you will need to understand, build, and modify websites:

  • Discover the basics of web development
  • Gain practical experience working on projects
  • Discover your interest in coding professions

Discovery course

Career guidance - Explore Your Talent

Your gateway to professional integration. Through this 2-month program, strengthen the skills you need to succeed in the world of work:

  • Find your career path
  • Enroll in a career track training program
  • Obtain a double certification (Pix and CléA Numérique)

For companies and organizations

Recruit with Konexio (Individual Operational Preparation for Employment (POEI) and apprenticeship programs)

Need to recruit tech talent but can't find them? We can train your future employees through the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment program (POEI) and/or apprenticeship programs in the following professions:

  • System Security Administrator
  • Senior Systems and Networks Technician
  • Salesforce Software Developer
  • Application Developer / Designer

As a legally recognized training organization in tech professions, we ensure our students are trained to meet the highest technical standards.

  • Take advantage of government funding and assistance when recruiting tech talent: Konexio helps you navigate different financial and administrative barriers common in hiring, helping to secure social security exemptions, bonuses, tax credits, and hiring assistance.
  • Simplify your life: We liaise with France Travail and support candidates every step of the way, from selection to integration within your company.
  • Diversify your teams: We select candidates from all walks of life, emphasizing both diversity and potential.


Assistance with accessing rights and administrative processes - Nouvelle Aquitaine

Our digital advisors run half-day sessions to help people more easily access our programs and become digitally autonomous. All sessions are open to the public, with no appointment necessary:

Various locations in Gironde (1 half-day per week):

  • Izon multimedia library
  • Maison des solidarités in Libourne
  • Chapitô in Bègles
  • Benauge library
  • La Cité Bleue, 176 rue Achard, Bordeaux

Contact information


telephone: 07 49 21 06 11


Digital awareness workshops - Nouvelle Aquitaine

We run half-day workshops to help students and employees become digitally autonomous:

  • Social networks
  • Data protection
  • Cyber security
  • Smartphone applications
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Messaging

Contact information:

07 49 21 06 11

For companies and organizations

Customized training

Company or association, build a tailor-made course for your audience or your employees.

 Our training courses offer several modules, from mastering digital tools to acquiring new skills linked to the digitalization of professions.

 At Konexio, we build programs to meet your needs, with an educational approach and a pace adapted to your organization.

Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity.

"I didn't have a very established project, and DigiStart enabled me to project myself into what a typical day might be like for a web developer. If the general use of digital tools is a barrier, if people need guidance to use them, Konexio is the right place. And if they want to go further, like me, there are training courses like DigiStart that can give them an idea of what it's like to be a web developer. Thanks to this training, I've joined the Holberton school in Cenon and I'm training for this job."


DigitAll student

Axel has been a disabled worker in an ESAT for the past 13 years, and has now embarked on a new professional challenge: to find a job in a mainstream environment. After struggling to find free training adapted to his disability, he joined DigitAll to acquire the digital skills needed to successfully complete his project. Following his training at Konexio, Axel was able to leave his ESAT and has been working at "Café Joyeux" since June 2023.


DigitAll student

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Service Civique

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Combler l’exclusion numérique grâce à l’apprentissage et la solidarité

Contact us

La cité bleue : 176 rue Achard, Bat D, 33300 Bordeaux

If you have a question about our courses

Our premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility. If you have any other questions about handicap and how to adapt our training courses to your needs, please contact us to organize your visit in the best possible way.

For any other questions

Mallaury Castaing, co-director of Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux, member of the Jeun’ESS program

Testimonials from our partners

"Konexio has made a significant contribution to this initiative by developing and implementing digital training programs tailored to the needs and realities of the young people we support. Their inclusive approach has effectively fostered learning and progression, while building participants' confidence and self-esteem. What sets Konexio apart is their ability to combine technical expertise with social sensitivity. Their interventions are not limited to passing on digital skills, but also aim to open up future prospects and empower young people in an increasingly digital world."

Mallaury Castaing, co-director of Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux, member of the Jeun’ESS program

Georgia, bénévole pour le programme DigitAll

Cas d'usage bénévole

Georgia, bénévole pour le programme DigitAll

Georgia, formatrice professionnelle pour adultes, cherchait à enrichir son expérience dans ce domaine. Attirée par les valeurs de Konexio, elle décide de se lancer : “Ce qu’on donne, c’est très peu en comparaison avec tout ce qu’on reçoit en retour. C’est une aventure magnifique !”

Take action
with Konexio

Take concrete action to fight digital exclusion by sharing your knowledge, support, and solidarity, and become a Konexio volunteer in Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

When you volunteer with Konexio, you have the chance to join a close-knit community committed to creating meaningful change. We combine personal enrichment with marketable experience in a certified training organization, where you can develop new skills while also giving back. To learn more, visit the volunteer page

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