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The following terms and conditions apply to all training courses offered by Konexio. By booking a training course, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, which supersede any other documents issued by the client, including their general terms and conditions of purchase.

The trainers, content, and duration of training courses are as stated in the current sales brochures. Konexio reserves the right to modify the program and instructor in cases of absolute necessity. Trainees confirm that they are undertaking the chosen training for professional purposes and that they meet the access conditions outlined in articles L6312-1 and L6312-2 of the French Labor Code.

A professional training agreement will be provided by Konexio for each training course or program, in accordance with articles L6353-1 and L6353-2 of the French Labor Code.





  • Client: The company that contracts with Konexio.

  • Trainee: When a company agrees to the training, the trainee is an employee of the contracting company. 

  • Module: The training is held on consecutive days, where each day is connected and cannot be sold separately.

  • Training: A course from the catalog provided by Konexio at a designated location. It may include one or more interconnected modules with continuous training.  The training includes a lesson plan, attendance records, and skill assessments, helping participants acquire measurable skills and receive a completion certificate.


Final Registration

The client confirms they have reviewed the program and assessed the trainee’s prior knowledge level needed for the Training Course(s). Registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. If the maximum number of trainees is exceeded (ranging from 2 to 20 depending on the training course), a waiting list will be created. If agreed upon by the client, the registration may be postponed. A trainee’s final registration is confirmed only after Konexio receives an official agreement on financing the training from the client or a third-party organization. In instances of individual registrations, a signed payment plan alongside 20% of the fees paid via check or bank transfer is required. Without receiving these documents, Konexio reserves the right to designate the training places as desired. The client can replace an employee, however, they should inform Konexio of the changes at least 16 days before the start date of the training. 

If the client purchases a Training Course without paying for previous ones, Konexio may reject the order and withhold delivery of the Training Course without any compensation owed to the client.


Konexio prices are quoted in euros without VAT because we are tax-exempted, according to Article 261-4-4 of the French General Tax Code. The fees listed for our training programs cover the course, educational resources, transport, accommodation, and catering expenses for each trainee.


Invoicing and Payment Terms

Invoices must be paid by bank transfer upon receipt, with no discounts. If there's an agreement for training lasting over a month, monthly invoices may be sent. Any training started must be fully paid for, except in cases of force majeure described below.


Late Fee Payment

If a payment is late, an interest will be added to the amount owed automatically, as stated on the invoice. This doesn't affect the debt's validity. Apart from late payment fees, the Customer will be charged a fixed fee of 40 euros for collection costs, as per French Commercial Code articles L441-3, D441-5, and L441-6. These charges may be higher, therefore Konexio will apply compensation if actual costs are higher than this.


After confirming the registration, Konexio sends:

  1. A training agreement

  2. A letter inviting the participant(s) to the designated training location

Once the training is complete, Konexio sends:

  • An invoice

  • A certificate of completion

Any company from the European Union (excluding France) must include its VAT number on the training agreement for invoicing.


  1. Funding Organization

If another organization pays for the training, like Skills Operators (OPCO), the customer must:

  • Check with the organization if they'll reimburse the training fees

  • Ask for reimbursement before the training starts

  • Clearly say on the training agreement who should be billed, with the exact company name and address.


If Konexio doesn't get the reimbursement request before the training begins, the customer will be billed for the full cost. If only part of the cost is reimbursed, the rest will be billed to the customer directly. Also, if the organization doesn't agree to pay its share (due to missed classes or withdrawals), the customer is still responsible for paying the full course fee.


According to the French Labor Code, the client has ten days to sign the training agreement (or, if training starts later, from the training start date) to change their mind. This can be done by sending a letter to Konexio, 15 rue de la Réunion 75020 Paris, with proof of receipt.


Conditions for Cancellation of the Agreement

To cancel an agreement, the client must send a written notice (email or letter), to Konexio. No charges will be applied if the trainee is replaced by another employee with the same training needs (but there must be an updated agreement). If canceled less than 10 days before training starts, and after the 10-day cooling-off period, Konexio keeps 30% of the agreement cost as a fee. Full payment is required for any training that has started.


Force majeure

If the training is interrupted or canceled due to recognized force majeure, the trainee(s) can continue without extra charges or terminate their participation. If they choose to leave, they will only pay for services already received, in proportion to their value as stated in the agreement. The client must inform Konexio, through a written letter immediately. Once Konexio confirms the force majeure, the training ends.


Postponement or Cancellation by Konexio: 

If the number of training participants is not enough, Konexio may postpone or cancel the training seven days before the starting date. In the case of cancellation, the payments are refunded within 30 days.

Intellectual Property

All documents provided are protected by French Intellectual Property laws. Using them improperly is against the law.


Konexio promises to deliver professional, high-quality training to the client. However, Konexio cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of the trainee's property or data. If found to be responsible, Konexio’s liability is limited to the cost of the training.

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

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