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Finance our programs

Become one of our financial partners and help us build a fairer society through increasing access to digital upskilling opportunities for underserved talent.  

How can you fund our programs ?

Contribute via financial donation

We make all of our training courses free for students to make digital opportunities accessible to marginalized communities. By funding our programs, you are contributing to a more equal and equitable society, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve socio-professional inclusion through digital upskilling. 


In the United States: Your donation is tax deductible and eligible for employer matching.

In France: In addition to helping us multiply our impact, your donation is tax deductible! 60% of your donation can be reclaimed at tax-time. For example, if you donate €50,000, you get to reclaim €30,000 back.

Contribute via the apprenticeship tax

Every company in France has to pay an apprenticeship tax. By giving your apprenticeship tax to Konexio, you can turn this obligation into a lever for social change and help young dropouts achieve their career goals.

Contribute via in-kind donations 


At Konexio, we provide students with all the necessary materials for success. By donating equipment (computers, screens, etc.) or allowing us to use your premises free of charge, you can help us provide students with the best learning experience. 


In France: All equipment donations are tax deductible up to 60%, capped at 0.5% of your annual contribution. Make your tax deduction count towards empowering underserved talent.

Supporting Konexio means

Advancing innovative solutions for impact

Working with a committed team promoting key Sustainable Development Goals

Combining social impact and societal economic gain

Check out our programs

Konexio fights the digital exclusion exacerbating existing inequalities faced by highly vulnerable groups, strengthening overall social cohesion. We offer a wide range of training to help students achieve social and professional inclusion, customizable to their experience and career goals.

Together, let's give everyone the opportunity to develop their talent!

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

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