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Our Training Programs

Beginner level


Our Introductory Training in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Discover the basics of web development

Gain practical experience working on projects

Discover your appetite for code

The DigiStart course is an introduction to web development and its most common programming languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Our curriculum covers the skills you will need to understand, build, and modify websites:

DigiStart is a 20-hour course which introduces students to coding. The course can either be taken in person or virtually and covers basic programming concepts and the vocabulary associated with front-end development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).


After students complete the course, they will be equipped with the fundamental skills to continue their learning independently and further develop their careers.

Which programming languages does the course cover?

Introduction to Web Development basics
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Beginner level


Price: Free

Number of hours: 20h

Duration: 5 weeks

Session options: Daytime or evening

Location: In-person or online


learner satisfaction


completion rate


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- What is the Internet

- What is a website

- Introduction to VSCode

- Introduction to HTML tags


  • Discover coding attributes (src, href)

  • Insert and locate images in a directory

  • Self-closing tags

  • Inline and Blocks


- Attributes of id and class tags

- Link a CSS sheet to an HTML page

- Change text color

- Change how items appear (id or class)


- Properties of page design

- Set frames, margins, and padding

- Flexbox

Variables and Javascript functions

- Link a JS code to an HTML page

- How to declare a variable

- How to use variables (Types + Operators)

- Concatenate variables

- Declare and use basic function

Arrays and Objects in Javascript

- Create, display, and edit an array

- Create, display, and edit an object

JavaScript : Loops

- What is a loop

- While loops

- For loops


- Practical applications

Discover our program

Read more about how the DigiStart program introduces students to the world of coding.


  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have at least a B1 level in French

  • Have basic computer skills (basic digital literacy)

  • Be motivated to discover coding and employment opportunities in digital technology!

Career opportunities

The career opportunities available through DigiStart depend on the learner's motivation and drive.


The Konexio team provides instruction on a wide range of content, equipping students with the tools to then decide how to further shape their futures.


By the end of the program, students have a clearer understanding of the various career paths they can pursue, both in tech and other fields. 

Web Developer Training

We wanted to make DigiStart accessible to as many students as possible, which is why we offer the program both in-person and online through our learning platform. This platform also includes an array of exercises, varying in difficulty to match student ability, so that they can practice beyond the classroom. Students can also take our classes in person at our HTML - CSS training centers below.

Training Locations

We organize both remote and in-person training sessions throughout the year. Find out about upcoming sessions here.


Apply for the program

  •  Read the course syllabus

  •  Read the prerequisites (age, location)

  • Complete the online application form (5 minutes)


Discuss with our team

  • Complete a 20-30 minute assessment interview on our premises

  • Collaborate with our staff to define your professional goals 

  • Discuss the training schedule (dates, times, location)


Begin your training

  • Confirm your placement 

  • Join a group at your skill level and undergo training initiation

  • Complete the skills assessment

Upcoming Sessions


  • Yes, send us an email and we'll discuss how best to adapt our training to your specific needs. 

  • We organize both online and in-person training sessions throughout the year. Find the upcoming sessions here.

  • For our daytime sessions, Konexio's Digital Advisors will guide you through the course sessions. For our evening sessions, expert volunteers trained on our curriculum will take over.

  • No, all of our programs are free for participants.

  • No, the DigiStart program is completely free, so you do not need to use your CPF.

  • No, there is no need. Our only requirement is to be 18 years or older, have at least a B1 French level, and basic digital skills.  


    The training is completely free, and you will not need to contact your France Travail agency to participate. 

  • No, the training is not paid.

  • When you register, you'll need to provide us with proof of identity and, where relevant, proof of employment status (for example, proof of France Travail benefits).

  • This training is introductory, however you should have at least a basic level of digital literacy before you begin. If you want to brush up on your computer skills before starting, consider taking our DigitAll course first. 

  • You must be 18 or older, have B1-level French proficiency, and be eager to learn code.

  • No, we provide computers during the training sessions.

  • Regular attendance is crucial for effective learning and progress.

  • No, you have the choice of whether you want to practice on your own outside of class.

  • This training is introductory and will help you assess your interest in coding and explore careers in web development.


    The Konexio team offers additional career support while you are learning to help define your professional goals. By the end of the program, you will have a clearer understanding of the career paths you can pursue.

  • No. This is a discovery training where you learn basic coding skills to determine if this field suits you. To pursue a career as a Web Developer, you'll need to continue your education.

  • You won't have a professional level of coding proficiency at the end of this training. However, you can decide whether the Web Developer profession is right for you, and choose to continue your training.

  • Yes, web development can be very engaging, and is quickly rising in demand within today’s economy. The goal of this discovery course is to help you envision yourself in this profession and figure out if you want to continue your education further. 

  • Yes, we accept applicants continuously throughout the year, and we will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available in a workshop that fits your schedule (location, time, and weekly schedule).

  • Unfortunately, no. One of the few prerequisites is to be of legal age (18).

  • Yes, it is possible to take this training online. Check out the upcoming online schedule on our site

Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity

After taking part in the Déclics Numériques program, Jérôme joined DigiStart in November 2022 with the aim of changing careers and discovering the world of code. For him, this training, although not leading to a diploma, is an asset on his CV and a valuable immersion in the digital field. In January 2023, he began training to become a digital mediator, a position he now holds in a social center. Even though coding is not at the heart of his job, he runs workshops on discovering code, thanks to the knowledge he acquired at Konexio.His advice? "Even if you're unsure, any training is good to take - it opens doors!"


DigiStart student

"I arrived in France as an asylum seeker during 2013. I started working in a restaurant while learning French, but I was looking for a training course to be a web developer. Thanks to Konexio, I was able to graduate as a Web and Mobile Developer." Dechen has been an intern front-end developer at Lenbox since January 2023.


DigiStart & Web Developer student

Karina, a linguist, translator and English teacher in Ukraine, found a new career path in web development after having to move to France and start her career again due to the war. Thanks to her determination and Konexio, she consolidated her skills in front-end development and began her transition to a career in web and mobile web development. After her training with the Digistart program, she joined Konexio's Web Developer training program to obtain an Associate Degree professional qualification. Today, she's looking for a work-study program to deepen her skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, PHP, Symfony... among others!


DigiStart & Web Developer student

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