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in Malawi

Malawi is home to Dzaleka refugee camp, Africa’s largest Francophone refugee camp, with over 50,000 residents. With limited income opportunities in the camp, 96% live below the poverty line.

Konexio launched its first Africa pilot in Dzaleka in 2019 to open the door to new employment opportunities online. Our Malawi projects have trained 180+ participants to date. Alumni have gone on to a range of digital employment, from starting their own online businesses to working in jobs that require digital skills, such as clerks or cashiers. 

Konexio is currently operating in Dzaleka, in partnership with the Jesuit Refugee Service. We have received employer support from Upwork, Remote, and FlexJobs.

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Digital Inclusion Program: Dzaleka

The Digital inclusion program (DIP) is a six-month program that teaches students to earn an income via digital freelancing. Combining theory and practice, students begin earning after three months.The curriculum teaches both job-specific digital skills and how to run an online freelance business. Through the program, the learners receive support in overcoming administrative barriers, such as ID verification and access to financial services.

Programme objectives:

  • To build local capacity in empowering and training underserved talent
  • To provide digital upskilling solutions to underserved talent
  • To connect our training to employment opportunities for the beneficiaries

Our action in Africa is made possible
thanks to their generous support.


Jesuit Refugee Services

JRS seeks to accompany, serve and advocate the cause of refugees and other forcibly displaced people so that they may heal, learn and determine their own future. JRS recognizes the resilience of refugees, and advocates for refugees’ right to work. It further facilitates access to employment markets and informal market economies. JRS offers essential services, comprehensive case management, psychosocial support counseling and skills training. These services help refugees achieve stability and develop skills necessary to transition to more sustainable situations.

Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity.

“I feel hopeful. I have so much positivity about these students because one thing I know is that they have the skills that are required to continue making money online. I’m confident that, going out into the world, they’re going to change their lives by earning money online.”


DIP Trainer, 1st cohort, Kakuma, 2023

“Because I work in a solar installation, and I have a husband and a son to care for, it wasn't easy balancing work and family. But thanks to the skills I gained from the DIP, I can now work from home, which has made things easier. If I were to quit my job, these skills would allow me to remain independent and work while caring for my family at home.”


DIP Student

“The best advice I can offer is to never give up on life. When you put in effort, you'll achieve more. Opportunities rarely come, so if you miss one, it may not come again. If someone wants to join the DIP, I'd advise them to give it their all. I can demonstrate by my own experience: I'm not relying on my parents for money anymore; I'm self-reliant because of the skills I gained from the DIP.”


DIP Student

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Fabien de Castilla

Director of Africa programs

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