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Our Training Programs

Digital helpers
Companies and organizations

Digital helpers

Digital helpers

Do you provide assistance to individuals with limited or no digital skills? Do you need help to assess how independent they are with digital skills? Do you work with people who need support in digital skills training and technology?

Konexio supports organizations involved in digital inclusion through dedicated training programs and workshops focused on raising awareness and sharing best practices. These include:

  • Evaluation of digital skills using questionnaires

  • Assessment of the organization’s digital and technological capacities 

  • Providing practical information for different types of public

Objectives of the training

  • Assess the current practices of digital helpers

  • Design a curriculum adapted to the situations encountered, depending on the people supported 

  • Establish an action plan 

  • Provide feedback after a period of hands-on experience in the field


Our unique approach ensures continuous improvement to meet specific needs.

Companies and organizations

Digital helpers

Average Duration of Support: 5 to 10 training sessions


Project Implementation Duration: 3 months from your initial request to the first training

Our Value Proposition

We have extensive experience addressing digital challenges and offering solutions for achieving greater digital independence

We offer a broad range of practical and theoretical expertise to assist you in navigating nuanced digital issues

We provide practical digital solutions for your organization 

We work with the participants to tailor our training to meet specific digital concerns and issues

Testimonials from our partners demonstrate our impact

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers.

Mary Lisa Durban, Corporate philanthropy manager

Partners testimonials

"The Orange Foundation and Konexio have been working hand in hand since 2022 to support the facilitators of the Orange Foundation's digital workshops for women in difficulty. In particular, the Konexio team facilitate the adaptation of postures and approaches to audiences in distress, and encourage the sharing of practices that enrich the intervention palettes of facilitators, who are often volunteers."

Mary Lisa Durban, Corporate philanthropy manager

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