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Qualiopi certification


The QUALIOPI certification is a recognized standard in France, serving as a mark of quality for professional training organizations. 

This certification ensures that organizations adhere to stringent criteria concerning training programs, instructors, and overall management, bolstering trust within France's educational landscape.

Konexio became Qualiopi certified in 2021

Our certification was subsequently renewed from 2023 until July 2024

See the certificate

Konexio is dedicated to upholding the highest standards, ensuring that our training programs effectively address the needs of both companies and job seekers. In line with this commitment, Konexio undergoes regular Qualiopi audits, first in July 2021 and then in January 2023, to remain in alignment with Qualiopi's standards.

To maintain quality, Konexio:

  • Offers a range of programs tailored to meet the challenges of today's economy, promoting social and professional inclusion through digital upskilling

  • Guarantees its team members’ expertise, continually offering competency development so that Konexio is always up-to-date with the innovative tech sector 

  • Takes into account its students’ situations: disabilities, difficulties in accessing suitable computer equipment and connectivity

  • Keeps updated on the major challenges of digital training and on the teaching methods best suited to people with few or no qualifications

  • Supports students by facilitating their professional integration, connecting them to companies and professional networks

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

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