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Konexio’s flagship Digital Inclusion Program brings our innovative, employment-focused training initiatives to locations around the world. We are on a global mission to bridge the digital divide and opportunity gap for underserved talent in alignment to the following Sustainable development goals:

Goal 1: No Poverty

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

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Where we work

With over half the world’s population offline, the UN has called the digital divide the new face of global inequality. We work in regions with high impact potential. Our target geographies are rapidly digitizing, with an opportunity to shape a digitally-ready workforce.

Since 2019, Konexio has operated its Digital Inclusion program in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi. The first international program was launched in Malawi before expanding to other countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Konexio established its operations in Kenya in 2021. The digital Inclusion Program has benefitted both urban-refugees in Nairobi and camp-based refugees at Kakuma, in the Northeastern region of Kenya.


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Testimonials from our learners

Konexio is a story of human connection, social impact, and solidarity.

"I have an intrinsic motivation for new programs. We live as refugees in Jordan, hopeless, and placed on a long waiting list for resettlement. We need to work hard for a good life. We are a big family, with five kids of varying ages… Freelance programs can add a lot to life. First, I can work independently and control my time, which is important to me as a mother. Also, my income will depend on my professional skills only. Practicing is the secret, along with patience."


DIP student

“The best advice I can offer is to never give up on life. When you put in effort, you'll achieve more. Opportunities rarely come, so if you miss one, it may not come again. If someone wants to join the DIP, I'd advise them to give it their all. I can demonstrate by my own experience: I'm not relying on my parents for money anymore; I'm self-reliant because of the skills I gained from the DIP.”


DIP Student

What we do

Konexio trains underserved talent in highly demanded digital skills, builds capacity for local partners through a scalable model, and links graduates to employers.

Digital Inclusion Program (DIP)

The Digital Inclusion Program aims to create opportunities for self-reliance and employment through online freelancing. Its objective is to match the unmet demand for digital talent in automated work processes with students' needs for sustainable employment, which they currently lack access to. By the program's conclusion, students can autonomously seek work and acquire new digital skills to adapt to the changing job market demands. Konexio further extends job opportunities to DIP graduates through company partners, who direct work to Konnexio-trained talent.

The DIP targets participants who are digital beginners and equips them with skills for entry-level jobs. The learner-led course establishes a strong foundation of digital literacy, then trains in job-specific skills so that participants have an entry point into earning. The course is intended to help participants identify a niche for online employment and specialize for sustainable employment outcomes. The DIP is also a bridge to further education and online training, which would not have been accessible without foundational digital literacy.


Konexio engages DIP alumni with regular workshops, mentorship, and employment opportunities. Interested in hiring DIP graduates? Get in touch with a member of our team!

Apprenticeship tax : Donate your apprenticeship tax to Konexio

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