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Become a volunteer

Combat digital exclusion through digital upskilling and professional integration

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By joining the Konexio team, you are supporting our mission to bridge the digital divide through accessible, quality upskilling necessary to thrive in our rapidly digitalizing society. All our volunteer opportunities are based in France.

Why become a Konexio volunteer in France?

Do you want to get involved with a non-profit organization that fights for inclusion and against digital illiteracy?

Do you have professional experience easily shareable through professional development workshops, like CV writing, mock interviews, etc.?

Our volunteer opportunities are :

  • Daytime or evening sessions

  • From 2 to 20 hours per program

  • Offered all year round


volunteer opportunities

we need to fill every year


 digitally excluded people

in France​


Active volunteers

in 2023

6 Reasons to Engage

Get involved in a meaningful project with social impact

Help marginalized populations find long-term employment

Join a friendly, supportive community

Gain valuable professional experience

Develop new skills (public speaking, group leadership, teaching)

Expand your professional and personal network


Nos bénévoles témoignent

Yassine, a first-year student at ISART Digital, a school specializing in video games and 3D, intends to become a game designer after graduation. Attracted by the human aspect and the desire to share his skills, he joined Konexio at the end of December 2023 via the "Je Veux Aider" platform. Involved in the DigitAll programs for beginner and advanced levels, Yassine found the experience very rewarding thanks to the caring atmosphere and the interest of the participants. "If you have a flair for teaching and a bit of confidence, these are the only requirements for becoming a volunteer trainer! It's a rewarding experience and a win-win situation for everyone".


Volunteer for the DigitAll program


Nos bénévoles témoignent

Pastry chef, soldier, IT project manager for Vinci Construction... Francis lived many lives before joining Konexio as a volunteer trainer. Self-taught to the core, it's important to him to help people in difficult situations to integrate professionally. Through his commitment, he also wants to be a role model for his children: "I want to show them that life is also about sharing intellectual goods, not just material ones! He encourages those around him to volunteer, because in his words: "It doesn't cost much to lend a hand... and it's always better than spending time looking at nonsense on your phone"!


Volunteer for the DigiStart program


Nos bénévoles témoignent

Georgia, a professional trainer for adults, was looking to broaden her experience in a field she was passionate about. Attracted by Konexio's values and missions, she decided to take the plunge. She draws a lot from her experience as a trainer for the DigitAll program: she has perfected her teaching skills, while being inspired by the motivation of her students. "What we give is very little compared to everything we receive in return. It's a wonderful adventure!"


Volunteer for the DigitAll program


Nos bénévoles témoignent

After an enriching international experience as a volunteer, Ricardo, a telecom engineer, was looking to extend his commitment in France. After working in Peru and Guatemala, he joined Konexio as a digital trainer. Convinced that volunteering is an enriching adventure for all involved, he testifies to the mutual benefits: he has strengthened his pedagogical and communication skills, while the learners acquired essential skills for their professional integration. Even if the volunteering experience takes time, he wholeheartedly recommends it, as "the satisfaction of seeing your students move from one stage of learning to the next, and sometimes even find a job, is more than gratifying".


Volunteer for the DigitAll program


Nos bénévoles témoignent

Customer Success Manager in a legal tech start-up, Natacha chose Konexio for her first volunteering commitment: "When I arrived in Paris, I had some time to spare and I wanted to make myself useful. I came across Konexio totally by chance, and I saw it as a bit of a sign.” She is impressed by the speed with which students progress, and sees their interest grow with each course. As well as fighting the digital divide, she discovered a wider social mission, where classes are also a place for socializing and friendship. Natacha stresses the importance of becoming a volunteer for the right reasons and of getting involved: "When you tell people you're a volunteer, they tend to congratulate you, but I always reply by saying that I do it because I enjoy doing it and I also get a personal benefit out of it!".


Volunteer for the DigitAll program


Nos bénévoles témoignent

A Canadian engineer and IT manager, Madani chose to spend a year volunteering in France. He accompanied Konexio's 8th class of Web and Mobile Web Developers on an educational project: the creation of a website dedicated to jobseekers who have difficulty with digital technology. Madani noted his group's eagerness to learn: "They're enthusiastic and have lots of questions, which is ideal for a teacher! He recommends this immersion as an opportunity to share and learn from each other: "It gets you out of your shell and opens you up. You meet other people with different experiences. That's the richness of this immersion at Konexio."


Volunteer for the Web Developer program

Do you have free time on weekday evenings, or Saturday mornings/afternoons? Then join the Konexio team to support our students as they become acquainted with basic computer skills (using a computer, browsing the internet, sending emails, using word processing tools and spreadsheets, etc.) and basic coding skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)

Pass on your digital skills to our beneficiaries

Training Assistant

Assist the lead trainer and guide students as they complete the course


Run our course sessions

Application process


Apply online through the form here


Attend an information session


Fill out an availability form


Get assigned a volunteer post


Complete an online information course in preparation to teach students


It’s class time! Start co-hosting your first sessions


  • As long as you want! Whether you're available for just a few hours, or a few weeks, we're always delighted to have you on board!

    If you want something shorter, you can volunteer on a one-off basis. Presenting to students, running a professional development workshop, providing counseling, supporting a class… There are many ways to get involved

    If you want to volunteer longer, you can help teach one of our courses.

    We would like to note that for our workshop volunteers, we prefer professionals who are available from 2-4 hours a week for 5 weeks. 

    On occasion, students need a little extra help, which might require more time – but this is not always the case! Even if you are just available for a few sessions, we want to hear from you.

  • We welcome volunteers year-round. To start a project, please apply online and fill out our availability form. We will then contact you with a proposal to get you started ASAP! We will send you an email reminder two weeks before your expected start date to remind you to confirm your availability. (Voir ici le lien vers le calendrier des prochaines session de la page digitall et digistart si c'est possible?)

  • Volunteer trainers will need to commit 2-4 hours per week for at least 5 weeks. However, if this is too much for you, we can find you a shorter volunteer project just as necessary to our mission!  

  • Yes, you can still support Konexio by becoming a one-off volunteer. Represent Konexio at events, run a professional development workshop, or teach a short class... There are so many ways you can contribute! However, we are in most need of workshop leaders, who will run 10 2-hour sessions over 5 consecutive weeks (day or evening sessions). If you're available for just a few sessions, please contact us!

  • We do our best to match your availability with our needs. If you haven't been contacted, it's likely because we already filled the positions on your proposed dates. If your schedule is flexible and you would like to discuss when we need more help, please contact us directly at Thanks for your commitment

  • Patience, pedagogy, and a propensity for teamwork!  For the DigitAll workshops (link here to the digitall page), the main language is French. However, a good level of English is considered a plus.
For those wishing to run development discovery workshops (link here to the digistart page), English proficiency is recommended. 

    We offer training courses for all course levels. Here are the prerequisites for each:

    • DigitAll Beginner workshops: Basic knowledge of office tools

    • DigitAll Intermediate workshops: Proficiency in word processing tools, spreadsheets, and internet functions

    • DigitAll Advanced workshops: Proficiency in Excel

    • DigiStart Computer workshops: Proficiency in HTML, CSS and/or Javascript

Do you have any questions?

We have the answers.

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