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5 Trainers Excel in ToT Program: Kenya and Malawi

In May 2024, Konexio teamed up with Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) to kick off a Training of Trainers program for the Digital Inclusion initiative starting in July. Over two months, we equipped our trainers with key digital skills to help them teach new groups in Kakuma, Kenya, and Malawi. This training will boost participants' job prospects.

Our lead trainer, Adora Ihediwa, says the program will really empower refugees in Malawi and Kenya.

"The training of trainers (ToT) is crucial to refugee empowerment as it ensures the sustainable transfer of digital skills. By equipping trainers, we create a ripple effect, enabling refugees to access new opportunities, gain financial independence, and rebuild their lives with dignity."


In Kakuma-Kenya, our trainers, Juma Masmur and Michael Deng are excited to be a part of the Digital Inclusion Program. Here’s what Michael had to say:

“I do believe that digital inclusion excites me because it bridges the gap between potential and opportunity, empowering individuals to transform their lives and communities through technology.”  Michael Maketh Deng.

In Malawi, Eugene Ngindu, Serge Kisisi, and Mariejose Tundwa are gearing up to impact digital skills knowledge to the incoming cohort of students at Dzaleka refugee camp. They see this as an opportunity of self reliance and financial independence.

"Freelancing is not just a job; it's a lifestyle of freedom and creativity".

Konexio Africa will launch the Digital Inclusion program in Kenya and Malawi in July 2024.

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