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A day in the life of… Serge!

Serge is one of the Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) trainers working with our partner Jesuit Refugee Service in Malawi. We asked him to walk us through his typical day as a DIP trainer. 

​Qn: Tell us your favorite part of your morning routine

A: Revising my lesson plan, watching the morning news, and eating breakfast if time allows.

Qn: One tip for getting out of bed on a bad day

A: Watching motivational comedy and listening to slow music.

Qn: Give us a breakdown of what your day looks like once you reach the DIP training center

A: First thing, I always check in with my team to see if there are new updates. Then, I gather all of the materials that I will need during the day. Finally, I enter the classroom to start the day with my students. 

Qn: What is one thing you did not expect in becoming a trainer?

A: I was not expecting such a dedicated team and collaboration among students.

Qn: What is something you think people do not know about your job as a trainer?

A: I think people do not realize how challenging the training is and focus only on end results. I think the process of getting there is the most important.

Qn: If you could add one thing to your day what would it be?

A: I would like to have more time to share my experiences with students about the freelancing journey and its impact on the community, as well as to come up with new skills to help us raise our income. 

Qn: If you could take one thing out of your day what would it be?

A: Grading student exercises on Google Classroom!

Qn: What is your favorite way to end a day of training?

A: Sharing objectives for the next lesson and giving students homework and exercises. 

-Thank you, Serge, for sharing your daily routine with us!

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