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Alumni Network Spotlight: Konexio and IBM bring the SkillsBuild platform to recent graduates

We are teaming up with IBM to bring new upskilling opportunities to Konexio alumni!

Through this partnership, we are bringing new courses to our Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) alumni across our programs in Malawi, Kenya, and Jordan. These sessions will be taught directly by IBM staff, giving former students the opportunity to practice a range of skills sourced from IBM's SkillsBuild platform, straight from the employees who designed it.

Konexio x IBM: Empowering future skills

​The impact of this program is threefold:

First, our students will enhance their marketable technical skills. The SkillsBuild Platform offers courses on a range of topics, including data, information technology, and cybersecurity. Monthly sessions will cover skills most relevant to our alumni demographic, as well as giving them the tools to explore skills on their own, taking their entrepreneurial spirit to the next level.

Second, our students will have the opportunity to network with industry experts, giving them a source of advice and raising awareness of potential career paths available to pursue. It will also allow students to practice discussing with potential employers, a soft skill imperative for advancing the trajectory of their careers.

Third, this initiative fosters a sense of community and support among our students. As these sessions are conducted virtually, Konexio alumni have the chance to connect across project sites, creating a supportive community regardless of geographical location.

Want to join our Alumni Network?

At Konexio, we are committed to providing long-term support for our DIP graduates. If you are passionate about empowering others with your tech expertise and are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, please join our network of partners today!

Together, we can fight the digital divide. Contact us to sign up as a partner using the details listed on our website

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