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Kakuma ICT trainer Juma reflects on his first cohort of students

Juma first joined the team as a Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) ICT trainer this past February. Now, after his intensive 12-week training on Konexio’s curriculum and eight months facilitating the first DIP in Kakuma, Juma is now a pedagogical expert! Team Konexio is impressed by Juma’s dedication to helping his students become digitally literate and achieve economic self-reliance through online work.

We are excited to announce that Juma will be continuing with the DIP program and is set to become the lead trainer for the next cohort of students!

While we have bittersweet feelings seeing the second ICT trainer, Taban, permanently resettled in Mexico, we are nothing but delighted that Juma will be staying with us to coach the second cohort of students in Kakuma.

We caught up with Juma at the graduation ceremony in Kakuma to hear more about his favorite memories as a trainer and advice for future students!

Juma’s interview has been lightly edited for accuracy and length. 

How do you feel now that the DIP has come to an end and the students have graduated?

I feel hopeful. I have so much positivity about these students, because one thing I know is that they have the skills which are required to continue making money online. I’m confident that, going out into the world, they’re going to change their lives by earning money online.

How would you describe the outcomes of the DIP? What state are the students in compared to when they started?

The students have greatly improved. When they were starting the program, we had students who had no ideas about making money online. But now we have students who have already started earning. That is a great outcome that I can see. 

What accomplishment by this cohort are you most proud of?

The biggest thing we have accomplished with this cohort is that, one, we do not have any dropouts. That is a great achievement that we have made. Another accomplishment is that we see students being able to apply what we have taught them, the tools we have provided them, and that they are moving forward. 

Were there specific parts of the training that you enjoyed as a trainer?

The part of the training that I have enjoyed most is teaching how to scrape data online. That is one of the activities that the students like the most. And when you see that the students are interested in that specific topic, or that they find it easy to employ, it is a good learning process. That is what I am impressed by most in Konexio’s curriculum. 

Do you have a favorite teaching moment with the students that you would like to share?

I will always remember, when we were doing activities, the passion we would see, especially in small groups. When we teach, after we have already given them the knowledge, we then ask the students to practice the skills that we have already covered. That is another thing that really interested me about the curriculum. 

Is there something that you have learned from the students?

What I’ve learned from the students is that they are willing, and they are ready. They are especially ready to apply the skills and tools that we have provided to them. They are so responsive, they are excited to learn and apply.

What advice would you give to a future DIP student?

The best advice I can give to the DIP is, one, the importance of teamwork and working together. As these students graduate and move on, I would advise them not to say, “yeah, I’ve graduated, and I stand alone.” No. You want them to remain in touch with us, and with each other. Another piece of advice I can give is that, as DIP students go out and look for jobs, they have the right knowledge needed. They have the ability to make money online, and we are here to provide the support they need. I, as a facilitator, am there for them, and I would advise them to be confident and continue moving forward.

What are you going to miss about the cohort that has just graduated?

I am going to miss the physical interactions with the students. We have been meeting with them in class very often, and I will miss seeing them face-to-face. We also meet with students online, but I know that meeting in person, one on one, is something special.

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