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Kakuma interview Series Part 4 - Meet Grace

Grace is one of our Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) students located in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Originally from South Sudan, Grace is interested in leveraging her newly earned digital skills to explore the field of web design.

Our cohort in Kakuma includes 35 female refugees from diverse backgrounds, who started their freelancing journey April 25th. We asked our new students to share a little about themselves. This is the final interview in a series of four.

Grace’s interview has been lightly edited for clarity and accuracy.

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. How long have you been working for JRS? Have you had previous experience working in Kakuma?

My name is Grace. I am a South Sudanese lady. [My education] is up to college - I studied nutrition. I’m a mother of two, I am supposed to be a mother of three but one passed away, so right now I have a boy and a girl. I am single.

Q2: How do you see the Digital Inclusion Program benefiting communities in the Kakuma Refugee Camp?

I just saw the advert on our group program. I wanted to know more about the Internet – what is taking place there. So I was like, let me try and apply for this. Maybe there's something behind the computer. I felt this interest so I thought I needed to apply.

Q3: What are you most excited for with the upcoming DIP in Kakuma?

The profession I want to focus on in the future is being a web designer because I have seen many people earning money through that. So I have interest in being proficient in freelancing skills that will help me get there. 

Q4: What impact do you think the digital freelance program will have on your life?

I will be working in a company someday, of course, and I will be earning. So it will be of great impact to me and also to the company seeing the person they train earning and living a good life through that.

Q5: How do you see the Digital Inclusion Program benefiting communities in the Kakuma Refugee Camp?

It is going to change the life of many. I think in Kakuma this is the first time this course is being introduced. I will be going back to my community as a freelancer and it will motivate my community, especially the women. I will have my laptop, and I will be teaching them about money making and how to make a livelihood online.

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