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Konexio Africa Debuts: New Director Leads the Way!

Konexio proudly announces the launch of Konexio Africa, led by Fabien de Castilla. Supported by Konexio France, Konexio Africa will be based in Nairobi, Kenya, as an INGO with a 7-member governing board. This initiative aims to scale up resource and knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration with regional and international funding partners across Africa.

"Expanding our programs across Africa is a significant step in Konexio's mission to empower vulnerable populations through digital learning. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to develop essential skills for the future of work. By bringing our programs to Africa, we aim to provide the necessary tools for economic independence and social inclusion, especially for refugees and unemployed youth" adds Jean Guo.

Beginning July 2024, Fabien will oversee the launch of new DIP cohorts in Kenya and Malawi, each comprising 60 refugees, alongside resource mobilization and partnership engagement efforts.

After consulting for Eurogroup (2007-2008), Fabien de Castilla founded Illoco in DRC and Uganda, aiding low-income groups become entrepreneurs. Returning to France in 2013, he established Les Joyeux Recycleurs, which he later sold. For the past 6 years, Fabien co-directed Ares Group, advancing socio-economic integration in Ile-de-France with nearly 1,200 employees. In 2021, Ares Group launched Eclosion, an impact startup studio in Paris.

"Joining Konexio was an obvious choice for me. I wanted to utilize my knowhow at the service of designing new forms of integration for people in situations of exclusion in East Africa, and to do so within a programmatic framework with a strong social entrepreneurship dynamic. Piloting and developing Konexio Africa thus meets my expectations!" declares Fabien de Castilla. Africa Programs, Director-Konexio Africa, 

Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience, Fabien's ambition is threefold:

  • Consolidation: by reinforcing local structures through establishing a local presence: INGO, Konexio Africa, in Nairobi, and building up a team and network of Kenyan partners.

  • Duplication: by duplicating existing programs in the East African region (Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan), while improving their effectiveness (mentoring, new IT professions, etc.).

  • Innovation: by designing innovative solutions for integration and sustainable impact, through  partnerships models with tech players, such as social joint ventures, towards establishing "delivery" centers in refugee camps.

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