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Konexio and Uber: Driving digital skills development in Kenya

Konexio staff is on the move – we have just been gifted ride credits through a renewed partnership with Uber! 

​Konexio first teamed up with Uber in late 2022, when they contributed 5,000 euros in ride credits. This donation has been instrumental to enhancing the mobility of our team in Kenya, particularly in navigating between project sites with ease.

Konexio in Kenya

Kenya is emerging as a regional ICT hub for Eastern Africa; it has one of the top 10 fastest growing digital economies, a 65% internet penetration rate, and 98% of the population has a SIM card. However, amidst this progress, a stark digital divide persists, disproportionately affecting rural communities and marginalized groups such as refugees and women. While it is estimated that 50-55% of jobs in Kenya will require digital skills by 2030, current plans to train Kenya’s population as a whole will not match this projected demand. 

Recognizing this gap, Konexio launched its Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) in Nairobi in partnership with RefuSHE in early 2022. This initiative aimed to provide essential digital literacy and online entrepreneurship skills to underserved students. Following the success of our Nairobi program, we expanded our efforts to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in 2023. Notably, both programs serve 100% female cohorts, the majority of whom are young refugees.

To date, Konexio's programs in Kenya have upskilled 206 students across four cohorts, with an impressive 84% of graduates earning an average monthly income of $100USD, equivalent to the Kenyan minimum wage. This income and has been transformational to our students, who now benefit from increased stability and a path forward to achieve self-reliance. 

Konexio and Uber: Partnership for impact

Uber's ride credits have had a transformative impact on our operations in Kenya. In Nairobi, our staff leveraged these credits to conduct regular field visits to the RefuSHE campus, fostering close relationships with our partners and students. This physical presence has been invaluable in collecting accurate data and ensuring the sustainability of our programs.

For our team traveling to Kakuma, Uber's support facilitated seamless transportation to and from the airport, helping us overcome the geographical challenges when trying to access the remote camp. Through these site visits, our staff was present at key events such as the program launch and graduation, strengthening our network within the ecosystem.

Additionally, Uber's ride credits served as a lifeline during power outages in Nairobi, allowing our team to access co-working spaces. As the international team works 100% remotely, access to WIFI is of the utmost importance, and this backup plan drastically reduced possible disruptions to the workday!

Join us in making a difference

Are you passionate about driving positive change through digital literacy and skills training? Konexio invites potential partners to join us in our mission to bridge the digital divide and empower underserved communities. Whether through financial support, expertise sharing, or strategic collaboration, together, we can make a meaningful impact.

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and be a part of our journey towards a more inclusive digital future.

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