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Konexio is an ILO Innovation Challenge Finalist

Updated: May 25

Konexio has made it to the final stage of the competitive ILO Innovation Challenge! 

This challenge, launched in late 2023, is looking for solutions that strengthen Turkana county’s digital economy. The ILO puts social inclusion front and center, seeking to bring jobs to both refugees and host populations in the region. 

Konexio’s JobLink program is in the running – a solution designed to connect our students to employment opportunities in the online job market.

We do this through two main avenues: (1) by offering tailor-made digital skills training and mentorship opportunities, and (2) by directly connecting students with employers through Konexio’s private sector partnerships. 

Challenges within the Kakuma economy

In Kakuma, a stark gap looms between training and employment opportunities. A staggering 75% of adults aged 18 to 35 are jobless, with 68% of refugees surviving on less than $1.90 USD per day. Despite the popularity of vocational training programs, graduates struggle to secure employment post-training. This spurred the ILO Innovation Challenge, seeking initiatives to bridge this education-employment gap.

Konexio's JobLink Solution 

Enter Konexio’s innovative JobLink program. By conducting comprehensive employer needs assessments and creating tailored preparatory workshops, the program works to suit both student and employer needs. Furthermore, Konexio engages directly with its private sector partners, such as Appen, to create this direct pathway to employment for its students and alumni. 

What sets JobLink apart is its employer-first perspective, ensuring participants acquire the precise skills demanded by the job market. The JobLink program promises more than short-term employment solutions – it focuses on building foundation skills for long-term career growth and improved livelihoods.

Konexio x ILO: a future-oriented partnership

Two weeks ago, Konexio’s International Programs and Partnerships Coordinator Fidel Mutuku pitched our JobLink Program to a panel of ILO judges. We are so grateful for the opportunity to to connect with actors in the employment innovation space. 

Let's rally behind Fidel and the entire Konexio team as the panel deliberates!

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