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Konexio launches first student cohort in Nairobi

We have officially launched a new cohort of 60 students in Nairobi, in partnership with RefuSHE! The students started their training on June 6th, and will graduate in early December. The Digital Inclusion Program Nairobi (DIP) will equip these young refugee women with employable skills to take up digital and digitally enabled jobs in the growing digital economy.

The DIP launch in Nairobi challenges the current status quo in which women only represent 25% of the male-dominated digital industry. “We aim to foster a world where everyone is included in the digitalization of society,” states Jean Guo, CEO and Co-Founder of Konexio. “Our mission is to turn this digital transformation into an opportunity in Kenya, so we look forward to working alongside RefuSHE and to bring about a world in which every woman is able to realize her full potential, have equal access to opportunity, and contribute meaningfully to society.”

The program marks our first ever cohort in Kenya and more specifically, our strategic presence in Nairobi, an emergent, diverse tech hub.​​

“I am so excited to be a part of the [digital inclusion] program because it gives me hope that I will eventually be able to take care of myself and my family,” said Fardosa, one of the students enrolled in the program. “My dream has always been to become an expert transcriber and earn a good income and thanks to Konexio and RefuSHE, I have renewed hope that I can fulfill my dream and lead comfortable life even without a degree.” 

“Our goal is to address the [digital divide] gap through the [digital] training program as we aim to upskill the girls to facilitate their access to online jobs,” says Susan Thiari, RefusHE’s ICT coordinator. “There exists a myriad of opportunities in the digital field and I believe this program is going to transform the girls to participate competitively [on digital platforms] to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families.”

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