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Malawi students graduate from online freelancing training

We congratulate the third graduating cohort of the Malawi Digital Inclusion Program! The graduation ceremony for this class of 60 students, made up of refugees from the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawian youth, took place on August 16th, 2022 at the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Center in Malawi’s Dzaleka camp. This cohort has completed over 100 hours of digital freelance training and practice since January 2022. Now, graduates are equipped not only with in-demand digital skills, but also the soft skills required for long-term employment success.

“I am extremely happy today to have graduated from the freelance training program and hope that it will mark the start of my journey as an online freelancer in this day and age of online work,” said Jeremiah Kisamba, a graduate from the third cohort. “I am very grateful to Konexio and JRS for the opportunity and skills they gave to me and my fellow graduates to pursue careers online”.

Many thanks to the DIP trainers, Serge, Maryjose, Mike, and Eugene, as well as DIP coordinator, Bienheureux, for their hard work and dedication in ensuring that students stayed motivated, resilient, and above all, eager to learn. Almost 90% of students who started in January graduated,  and a third of the graduates have already secured employment opportunities and begun earning income.

“We are very excited to celebrate this great milestone for our students in the program and eager to see what’s next for this skilled group,” said Jean Guo, Konexio’s Executive Director. “Our hope is that they will continue to work hard, because this is just the beginning of their journey in terms of building skill set and finding jobs online” 

As the students go on to pursue online employment, Konexio will continue to make opportunities available to graduates as they embark on their next steps. We are confident that the training provided by Konexio and taught by JRS trainers will help them be employable, skilled, and professional digital freelancers. To our new graduating class, congratulations!

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