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Meet Abuk Alak

Abuk Alaak, is originally from South Sudan, where alongside her mother and nine siblings, fled the conflict in 2010 and settled at Kakuma camp, in Kenya. At the camp, Abuk’s family, and her mother, relied significantly on UNHCR, struggling to access basic services. Last year, a friend asked if she planned to apply for the DIP opportunity, and she thought, "Why not?" 

After completing the 6-month training Abuk’s trainers Abuk's trainers hooked her up with online gigs on platforms like: Upwork, Toloka, and Appen. With skills in: web research, data annotation, and graphic design, she landed her first freelancing job.

And guess what? She's using that income to make life better for her siblings by paying for their medical bills, while also supporting her mom's knitting business.

Currently, Abuk is pursuing additional digital training while encouraging future participants on the program’s potential for achieving financial independence.

“The digital inclusion program empowers young women with skills and freelancing opportunities, towards financial independence.”

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