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Meet Anne, a young South Sudanese Refugee who prefers the flexibility of digital work.

Anne is a young refugee currently enrolled in our second Nairobi DIP. She is the second-born daughter of a South Sudanese family, and is interested in seeking online employment because the livelihood opportunities are more flexible and sustainable. 

Though Anne is new to the world of freelance, she has taken up the training with dedication and gusto! So far, she has enjoyed learning how to use different computer applications, such as Excel. 

Anne’s answers have been lightly edited for accuracy and clarity.

Qn: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. What’s your name, where are you from, family background etc?

Anne: My name is Anne. I’m twenty years old. I’m the second born in a family of three girls. I am A South Sudanese refugee, currently living in Kenya.

Qn: How did you come to join the digital freelancing program? Why did you want to join the program?

Anne: The RefuSHE team came to Nakuru [a Kenyan city with a high density of refugees], and during that visit I was informed about the digital freelancing program. I then applied for it, was later called for an interview, and then I got the chance to be here. I wanted to join this program because it was offering to teach the skills I wanted to know - those which could help me earn a living and become financially stable.

Qn: What do you think of the training thus far? How have you seen your digital skills evolve?

Anne: The training is really informative, and yes, my digital skills have improved. I did not have any at the beginning, and now I am able to use a computer to do tasks on Excel.

Qn: What skills do you excel the most at? What skills do you want to develop further?

Anne: I have gained a lot of important information about the computer basics, and I am now looking forward to learning the freelancing skills like digital marketing, blogging, and more.

Qn: How will this program help you explore new careers?

Anne: With the skills being offered in this program, I have so many new career ideas that I would like to explore. For example, being a digital marketer, blogger, or even an influencer.

Qn: What impact do you think the digital freelance program will have on your life?

Anne: I will use the time I spend online more effectively, like doing activities to earn a living, which will then build my financial independence. I will be able to venture into online work and online employment over in-person, physical jobs.

Qn: What profession would you like to focus on in the future of freelance? 

Anne: I will focus on digital marketing as it is more connected to another course I want to pursue on the campus.

Qn: What parts of the program have you enjoyed the most so far?

Anne: I have most enjoyed being taught how to earn money with a computer and internet. I have also really enjoyed the everyday interaction with my course mates, and learning new things and skills every day. 

Qn: What are the next steps for you after this training?

Anne: Putting to action the skills I have learned and earning a living from these skills.

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