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Meet Asmaa and Andro, two students who just finished their last class in our Jordan Digital Inclusion Program!

Asmaa and Andro are students in our first DIP Jordan Cohort. After 6 months of client negotiation role play, pivot tables, mass mailing practice, and more, these students will walk the stage and receive their Konexio Digital Inclusion Program certification. No more excel sheets and powerpoint presentations – at least in our classroom, anyways!

The students have done an excellent job throughout the semester,” says Rua, one of our ICT trainers in Jordan. “They are truly looking forward to a better future and they are ready to put their minds to it.”

We asked Asmaa and Andro to share their reflections about the course, and how they plan to use their new online freelancing skills. Asmaa and Andro’s interviews have been lightly edited for clarity and accuracy.

Q1: How would you describe the feeling of graduating from the Digital Inclusion Program (DIP)?

Asmaa: Actually, My description of my feeling about graduating from the DIP program is a mixture of joy and pride to pass this beautiful journey successfully, and my sadness with teary eyes at the end of the course because this program brought back my beautiful memories during my university studies in my home country, where I committed to daily attendance, preparing assignments and passing exams but now with a new reality in a beautiful place (JRS) that brought us together in love and peace with multiculturalism and wonderful new memories with brotherly feeling with my colleagues.

Andro: Graduating from the Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for me. DIP is designed to equip participants with the necessary digital skills and knowledge to thrive in today's digital age. Therefore, completing the program can give me a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Q2: What skills have you learned through this project and what will they help you achieve?

​Asmaa: I learned many new skills through this project, I just had brief information about IT technology, but I learned new skills in Microsoft word and Microsoft excel, how to manage my time, and how to work as an online freelancer, I also discovered skills I already have that I did not know about and I am working on improving them.

Andro: The skills I have learned through this program will help me achieve a variety of goals. I have learned how to do Data scraping, data cleaning, advanced search, data transcript, and how to use Microsoft office programs.

Q3: How has your interpretation of freelancing online changed throughout the course?

Asmaa: When I applied for this program, it was just a new challenge and something unknown to me, my passion and willingness to develop my skills and create a job opportunity from scratch was the main motive, but at the beginning, I repeatedly asked myself how to work as an online freelancer in my field of specialization. However, I took the risk and switched to another field during this program, from the first week, I attached to the class day by day with every new information I learned.

Andro: It changed from 0 to 100. At first, I had zero idea about freelancing and what it means, but after going throughout the course I have learned a lot of stuff, such as how to use freelancing websites, how to apply for jobs, and how to be a freelancer at first of all.

Q4: What was your favorite memory from the DIP?

Asmaa: To be honest, every single day was a precious memory that I will never forget, full of warm love and brotherly cooperation away from discrimination.

Andro: I can’t think of a particular memory from the DIP, but the whole experience in this course is my favorite memory.

Q5: What parts of the course do you find most exciting?

Asmaa: Each part brings its own excitement because the whole experience was new and interesting to me.

Andro: The practical part was most exciting – when we practiced the things that we learned.

Q6: What was the greatest challenge you encountered throughout these past 6 months?

Asmaa: Commitment and determination to attend all classes regularly, despite the hard times I passed through.

Andro: I didn’t encounter great challenges; I can say it were small challenges such as road congestion every Sunday and Tuesday that were annoying. 

Q7: How would you describe your relationship with your ICT trainers?

Asmaa: A special and beautiful relationship based on mutual respect, love, and brotherhood. This is what made me stick to the class despite all the difficulties and challenges …I really appreciate their efforts, and I am so grateful to them.

Andro: Good relationship, very helpful trainers, we can say they became a family to me more than trainers, same as with my colleagues.

Q8: What are your plans for after graduation?

Asmaa: I already start applying for a job as an online freelancer during our practical class. I will keep on trying and will try to find online courses to improve my skills.

Andro: Honestly, I still don’t have plans after graduation but I will try to start working as freelancer by using the skills and experiences that I had gained from the DIP course.

Q9: Would you recommend this program to a friend?

Athraa: Yes, of course, I highly recommend it.  Where this program is unique and aims to provide us with a private business that provides us with a good income for living.

Asmaa: Sure, I will.

Q10: What word would you use to describe the Konexio project? Why this word?

Asmaa:   An opportunity, I choose this word because every experience I go through in my life is an opportunity within a journey in which I look forward to being a better version of me.

Andro: If I had to describe the Konexio project in one word, I would use the word "innovative."

The reason I chose this word is that Konexio's approach to digital inclusion is unique and creative. By offering digital skills training to marginalized communities, Konexio is using technology as a tool to promote social and economic inclusion. They are breaking down barriers to access and creating new opportunities for individuals who might otherwise be left behind in today's digital age.

Moreover, Konexio's focus on sustainability and social impact sets it apart from other tech-focused organizations. By empowering individuals with digital skills, they are creating a ripple effect that can have far-reaching benefits for the individuals, their families, and their communities.

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