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Meet Athraa and Sarmad, two creative DIP students who are using freelancing sites to pursue their passion for design and photography!

Athraa and Sarmad share similar backgrounds and interests – they are both refugees from Iraq who enjoy thinking creatively in their work, and both have a curiosity to learn more digital skills to pursue their passions through freelancing! Even in the creative industries, selling services online requires digital literacy. Athraa and Sarmad’s stories remind us of how digital skills can open up opportunities for creatives all over the world!

Student responses have been lightly edited for clarity and accuracy.

Qn: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Athraa: I am Athraa. I am from Iraq, and now live in Jordan with my family. I graduated with a Bachelors in Law, and am now taking several JRS courses, including the DIP with Konexio. I have different skills, especially in the field of decoration, design and photography. Also, I am interested in defending women's rights, and human rights in general.

Sarmad: I am an Iraqi refugee in Jordan. My name is Sarmad. My hobbies and work are both centered around photography and design. I also volunteer with several civil society organizations in Jordan.

Qn: How did you come to join the digital freelancing program?

Athraa: I joined the digital freelancing program through the JRS organization in Jordan.

Sarmad: When I saw the opportunity to join the DIP program, I applied directly through the JRS organization and I was accepted after passing the [English proficiency] exams.

Qn: What was your motivation for joining this training?

Athraa: My motivation for joining this program is to develop my skills and get started on the freelancing platforms.

Sarmad: What prompted me to join was my passion for learning and developing my skills in self-employment, so that I would have a private income from which I could live.

Qn: What skills do you look forward to learning, and how will you use these skills?

Athraa: I look forward to having stronger computer skills and gaining more experience freelancing. By building up my skills, I can use them on the freelancing platforms to access new job opportunities.

Sarmad: I am looking forward to learning marketing skills, computer skills, and how to use freelancing platforms. With these skills, I will be able to work online.

Qn: What impact do you think the digital freelance program will have on your life?

Athraa: The digital freelancing program allows me to source my own income, and develops my skills further through online work experiences. This will enhance my strength in society and my autonomy.

Sarmad: As I said, the program will have a great impact on my working life, as I start working and using these skills in the field of design on freelance platforms.

Qn: What profession would you like to focus on in the future of freelance?

Athraa: I am focusing now on my career in the field of design, as I have creative ideas and a wide imagination, and I can apply this imagination to designs through various programs. I also look forward to integrating the field of photography into my work and expanding my skills even more.

Sarmad: The two professions that interest me the most are photography and design, where I can be very creative. I like using a creative outlook in these fields.

Qn: What parts of the program have you enjoyed the most so far?

Athraa: The program was useful to me, especially after I gained skills in Microsoft Office and learned about computer systems and programs. Additionally, I learned great information related to freelancing platforms.

Sarmad: I enjoyed learning how to run my own business on freelance platforms and gain projects.

Qn: What are the next steps for you after this training?

Athraa: My next steps are to continue my work on freelancing platforms as a designer. I am looking to develop my work in the field of design in the real world, and to have an important brand in the labor market.

Sarmad: The next steps will be to continue my work and develop my career in the field of design and photography.

The Konexio team wishes both Athraa and Sarmad all the best on her freelancing journey!

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