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Meet Marie, our recent DIP graduate leveraging her knowledge to self-teach and freelance online!

Meet Marie, a 19-year-old refugee from Rwanda who graduated from our Nairobi Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) on June 20th. Marie was particularly inspired by the communal aspect of the DIP – she thrived off the infectious excitement of her peers, and appreciated the wraparound support provided by our local partner, RefuSHE, which enabled her to participate fully in the program. 

We sat down with Marie to talk about her time in the DIP and her reflections on the program. Marie’s interview has been lightly edited for clarity and accuracy.

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. What’s your name, where are you from, family background etc?

My name is Marie, I am 19 years old. I’m originally from Rwanda and from a family of three: my mother, sister and myself.

Q2: How do you feel now that the DIP is coming to an end?

Sad as my time in this environment has taught me a lot, from interacting with different people to feeling a sense of belonging.

Q3: What new skills did you learn during this training program?

I have acquired computer skills and digital skills [allowing me to] access the internet and perfect my communication skills.

Q4: What were your favorite parts of this program?

I enjoyed group counseling, as it gave me an opportunity to listen to peoples’ points of view and understand what they have been through and their motivations. Motivation is infectious. I also enjoyed Yoga, as it was the first time I did it, and it helped me deal with my emotions.

Q5: How has this program made you feel about your digital skills and career opportunities?

I now believe that there are job opportunities, and one just needs to be hard working. I have also improved my digital skills in many ways and I now can access the internet for education.

Q6: What impact do you think the digital freelance program will have on your life?

It has increased my chances of actually living a better life, as I have access to job opportunities.

Q7: What would you say to encourage others to take part in this program?

This program was helpful to me in many ways, from interacting with some amazing people to learning a lot of things about digital opportunities that I didn’t know before.

Q8: What are the next steps for you after this training?

I hope to work online and learn digital skills to better my life. Due to the counseling sessions I have attended, I will educate others and pass on the knowledge I have acquired.

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