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Meeting Brigitte

Brigitte arrived in France just over a year ago. She is originally from Madagascar, where she had worked in a variety of professional occupations. For 15 years she managed her own transport company, and for 10 of those years, also managed a store. In addition, she completed two years of accounting training. When Brigitte arrived in France last year, Brigitte spoke very little French and her diploma was not recognized nor validated. But, through determination, she persevered.

After learning French, the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII), directed Brigitte to Konexio to learn yet another language: digital. Thanks to her experience as a store manager, she was already familiar with some software tools, but she wanted to deepen her digital skills to better integrate herself into France, especially on a professional level.

Brigitte participated in the three levels of DigitAll training: beginner, intermediate and advanced. After her completion, she now knows how to use Excel, Microsoft Office Suite, as well as other digital tools that help her on a daily basis. Thanks to the skills acquired through the Konexio training, she created her CV in French, and on top of this, she can manage her inbox while carrying out administrative procedures online.

From Brigitte's point of view, Konexio has some specific value-adds. Firstly, the rich content on the courses themselves. Secondly, the social aspect and personal connections that you make through these courses, which is by design and unique. During the course, she was able to meet another student who had become her best friend among her DigitAll classmates. She was able to find real support from Konexio staff and trainers, which gave her a huge boost during her first year in France.

Brigitte is currently looking for a job in the commercial sector. We are convinced that she will be a real asset to her future team. We wish her the best for her future!

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