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"My dream has always been to become an amazing developer", Lydia, Women In Digital student

As a math teacher in Algeria, Lydia dreamt of becoming a web developer and writing code, code and more code. This dream motivated her to come to France and start the Women In Digital* program at Social Builder in partnership with Konexio. Her next goal? To pass on her passion for algorithms and, thanks to her training, her skills in code to others.

What did you do before joining the program?

I was a computer engineer and worked as a math teacher for 3 years, but my dream was always to be a developer. I came to France for that. The first time, I did a two-month training, but it was not enough. I had the chance to do a second training with Konexio and Social Builder. It really helped me to update my knowledge.

To talk about current numbers, currently there are only 30% of women in tech and even fewer in web developer positions. What do you think?

If we find training that helps us learn and develop, this number will grow! If women have the chance to discover code, they will like it.

And you, what do you like about being a developer?

I like code, I like coding, I like lines of code. The essential part of being a developer is to code.

And what did you like during your training?

The fact that I can ask a lot of questions and they are always answered. The trainers are always there, it's amazing. Honestly, I don't regret anything, it's really great. If I had the chance to re-do this training, I would do it again.

Overall, what did the training bring you?

Self-confidence. I was able to take on challenges.

And now, where are you?

I'm in training and I'm still following the advice of our trainers.

In 5 years, where would you be?

I want to be a really good developer.

Do you have a dream?

Create a business or give code lessons because I already work as a teacher, so I have the skills to explain things.

Tell us about a good memory

They are all good memories! I really miss the students in the class, because we spent a lot of time together. If someone asks me where to do their training, I tell them straight away: "at Konexio".

*The #Women In Digital program is a Social Builder back-to-work program that trains 200 women in digital professions.

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