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Our Digital Inclusion Program is back for round two in Nairobi

✨ 🌞 News from Nairobi! Konexio has launched the second cohort of the Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) in partnership with RefuSHE!

In December 2022, our first cohort of 52 female refugees earned their DIP graduation certificates. Now, we’re kicking off the new year with fresh faces! Our second cohort began their DIP training in January 2023, which is specifically designed to empower female refugees with digital literacy and practical experience to reach financial autonomy through online freelancing!

“We're so excited to launch our second cohort of the Digital Inclusion Programs,” says Susan, RefuSHE’s ICT coordinator and trainer. “All students from the previous cohort had gotten their first job contacts by the time of graduation. We can't wait to see what this cohort will do.”

Our current cohort includes 67 young women refugees. We are looking forward to sharing their achievements as they learn and grow through the program.

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