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"Our goal is to train 200 people by the end of the year", Axel Guibert, development manager in Bordeaux

Updated: May 11

On the occasion of the launch of Konexio's DigitAll training in Bordeaux, Axel Guibert, our development manager in New Aquitaine, looks back at our spin-off project born in 2020. The DigitAll training course offers computer literacy courses to excluded people. Topics range from basic computer use to internet navigation, from word processing to spreadsheet mastery. Axel gives insight into why Konexio chose to expand in Bordeaux, and the program’s objectives and perspectives for the future.

Hello Axel, can you introduce yourself?

I joined Konexio at the end of 2020 to support the NGO development in Bordeaux. Before that, I worked on the development of an NGO that promotes the professional integration of refugees in Bordeaux (Action Emploi Réfugiés).

What are your missions and your role at Konexio?

I am a Swiss Army knife (but from Bordeaux). I draw up the development strategy for our territory, in conjunction with the head office, and I implement it. I'm in charge of partnerships, working with local players to source learners, identify and mobilize trainers, and also find training locations. There is also a fundraising part which consists of looking for financing to set up the actions, as well as coordinating the team on site.

Konexio is in the process of spinning off and has chosen the city of Bordeaux to launch its next class. Can you tell us about this choice?

There are several reasons why we decided to launch in Bordeaux. First of all, we won the Google Impact Challenge in 2019, which allowed us to work financially on our spin-off strategy outside of the Paris region. We then conducted a benchmark to identify the most appropriate towns in which Konexio could propose its offer: Bordeaux, Lille, and Roubaix. Finally, we chose to start in Bordeaux thanks to our incubation in the HUBIK program, whose role is to strengthen the digital support actions by supporting the field actors in New Aquitaine.

How are the beginnings going? How many people will be trained?

Today, we have reached the most concrete phase of the project: the implementation of the first training courses in Bordeaux and then in Libourne (a town 40 km from Bordeaux).

Our goal is to train 200 people by the end of the year.

And how did you manage to set up concretely this training?

We put together a team of 4 professionals to train and accompany the learners of the first two classes. To identify these learners, Konexio was able to rely on the support of key social partners based in Gironde : the Diaconat de Bordeaux, the Groupe SOS, Wejob, the Fondation COS and Action Emploi Réfugiés. Hubik, ATIS, and ScaleChanger also support Konexio in its development in New Aquitaine, as well as Bordeaux Métropole and Pôle Emploi, who contribute to the realization of our mission on the whole territory. It is due to all these partners that we have been able to catalyze the project, so our thanks to them!

There are already digital training courses in Bordeaux, how is the approach different?

At Konexio, we have a mastery of identifying target audiences to direct them towards the appropriate training. We also offer expertise in training vulnerable audiences and a pedagogy adapted to a non-French speaking public. Finally, we offer in-person training, based on real-life cases, to give students a personal connection to  the digital world and help them gain confidence and become autonomous in its use.

What are the prospects for the project?

The idea, beyond Bordeaux, is to also offer new formats in different territories, especially in rural areas, such as Libourne.

We want to make the program as accessible as possible, especially for our female audience who may feel excluded from the program for many reasons (no access to information, lack of self-confidence, incompatibility with training schedules, etc.). We are therefore thinking about this issue for future course promotions.

How can we support you on this project?

To continue to grow, we also need to maintain and develop our relationships with partners in Bordeaux, especially for sourcing our learners. So don't hesitate to contact us if you want to be part of the adventure! 

The course is open to new applicants and we are already looking for learners for future classes, sharing this information would also be very helpful.

Contact Axel Guibert for information about the Bordeaux metropolis: 

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