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Replay webinar "How to engage women in entrepreneurship and empowerment?"

In early April, Konexio hosted a webinar with Kat Borlongan, Dominique Crochu, Bernadette Giard, Emmanuelle Larroque, Delphine O and Jean Guo as facilitator. They discussed how to engage women more in entrepreneurship and leadership, and enable them to gain that sense of legitimacy that is essential at work.

Whether imposter syndrome, gender stereotypes, or unequal access to capital, women face both conscious and unconscious barriers in the workplace. These numerous barriers are not without consequence. In France, women still represent only 36% of entrepreneurs and 10% of start-up managers. Inequalities remain the norm: the salary gap remains at 9% for the same position, working hours, and type of company, and women continue to negotiate their salaries less (34% for their first salary compared to 41% for men). With the current covid crisis, women experience 1.8 times the likelihood of losing their job than do men.

In this context, how can we engage women more in entrepreneurship and leadership, and enable them to acquire that sense of legitimacy that is essential at work? 

The webinar will discuss this and other questions, such as: 

How can we draw inspiration from the innovative and unique actions of other companies, such as Sodexo’s “SoTogether” initiative, which promotes an inclusive culture? What can we learn from current research, such as the large-scale study conducted over five years with 50,000 managers from 70 companies? And how can we measure these actions and, more broadly, gender diversity and inclusion in companies, as proposed by Mixity? 

How can algorithms help us improve? How can we mobilize women who are far from employment around opportunities and entrepreneurship in tech, as Social Builder does? 

On the government side, what levers does the French Tech mission use? What incentives or constraints should we put in place? And finally, what best practices has the United Nations World Conference on Women drawn from what is being done abroad?

There are many questions and many solutions to collectively discuss! That's why we invite you to share and exchange ideas on possible solutions with webinar discussants:

  • Kat Borlongan, Director of the French Tech Mission

  • Dominique Crochu, co-founder of Mixity

  • Bernadette Giard, Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Sodexo

  • Emmanuelle Larroque, Founder and CEO of Social Builder

  • Delphine O, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Conference on Women

  • Jean Guo (debate facilitator), Founder and CEO of Konexio

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