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Spread the digital skills love and join our Alumni Mentorship Program

Are you passionate about empowering others with your tech expertise? Do you seek a fulfilling volunteer opportunity within the corporate world? Or perhaps you're on the lookout for skilled freelance workers for digital tasks like data annotation and analysis? Look no further! Konexio has recently launched its Alumni Mentorship Program, a platform to give back and foster the professional growth of marginalized groups in East Africa.

Our offer:

Konexio's Alumni Mentorship Program is designed to bring opportunities to graduates from Malawi and Kenya. Through this initiative, we bridge the gap between education and industry by providing a range of resources, including resume workshops, training on new platforms, and exclusive access to job contracts.

Our approach:

For our alumni, the Mentorship Program serves as a platform to strengthen their hard and soft skills. For private sector partners, we offer various opportunities for engagement:

  1. Volunteer opportunities: We source tech sector professionals to volunteer their expertise and deliver tailored training sessions to our graduates. This not only offers alumni valuable insights into the industry but also boosts job exposure.

  2. Freelance recruitment: We connect private sector actors with our skilled graduates capable of handling basic to intermediate digital tasks.

  3. Platform training partnerships: We collaborate with online platform experts to bring specialized training to our students, increasing their prospects to succeed as online freelancers. 

This program will allow a feeling of community to thrive both within and between cohorts, as alumni are encouraged to attend training sessions together. To promote accessibility, sessions can be conducted either online or in-person at our project sites in Kenya and Malawi. Given this virtual option, students will even be able to collaborate across project sites!

How you can make a difference:

Ready to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the growth of our alumni community? Join our network of partners today to embark on a journey of mentorship, learning, and community engagement. Together, we can fight the digital divide!

Interested in joining our Alumni Mentorship Program? Contact us to sign up as a partner

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