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Annual Report 2021

This past year, Konexio grew regionally, nationally and internationally. Thanks to our new premises in Paris, we hosted more programs than ever and began providing in-person teaching for most of our certified career track courses. Expanding beyond Paris, we now provide our DigitAll and DigiStart programs throughout the larger Paris region.

As part of our commitment to stay close to our target audience, Konexio opened regional offices in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in the spring of 2021, and then in the Hauts-de-France region in the fall of 2021. Our certified career track courses also reached a milestone. In 2021 we launched 6 Web Development cohorts, doubling from 3 in 2020. But it doesn't stop there. Staying true to our idea of training for jobs in short supply in the tech sector, we created a brand new certified career track course: TSSR ( Réseaux et Systèmes - Network and Systems Technician Training), which saw the launch of 2 cohorts in 2021. Our impact: 1,300 students trained in just one year. A huge thank you to our corporate, non-profit and institutional partners, as well as all the volunteers who have been supporting us since our creation in 2016.

Thanks to the generosity and energy of our supporters, Konexio has now launched more than 400 classes, trained nearly 3,000 students, and offered more than 200,000 hours of learning to date.

Our team has also grown, and we have recruited extensively to support this growth. At the end of 2020 the team numbered 15 employees; at the end of 2021 the team had doubled to 30 employees, including 11 Conseillers Numériques (Digital Advisors).

The past year, Konexio received several awards and invitations to important events, in recognition of our commitment to diversity, social integration, and women’s empowerment in tech.

On a French and international scale, this year was also marked by meetings and discussions with leading organisations and individuals. Our actions to catalyse digital inclusion now include advocacy. We regularly dialogue with policymakers responsible for employment and digital issues, and with private-sector actors seeking to diversify their companies’ talent pool.

Each new year brings its own challenges. This year, Konexio focused on 5 pillars: 

  • improving the solidarity (digital basics) programs;

  • building apprenticeship programs as a tool for promoting diversity;

  • creating tailor-made trainings for companies;

  • expanding internationally;

  • and promoting the Konexio mission for a more just, inclusive and sustainable digital world. 

Beyond our own programs, we developed 7 key ecosystem-wide propositions to promote equitable access to digital opportunities. These range from propositions focused on the creation of the Droit Universel (“Universal Right” to digital training), to driving an ecosystem approach to sustainable technology, to making tech more inclusive.

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