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Field Visit Nairobi

Konexio made its long awaited visit to Nairobi, Kenya to meet the local partners and officially launch its digital skills and online freelancing training program in partnership with RefuSHE. The week-long visit played a critical role in fulfilling our mission to promote digital inclusion and allow those who cannot access opportunities due to lack of digital skills to find a pathway to self-reliance and economic resilience.

The program launch event, held at the RefuSHE campus, marked our first pilot in Kenya. The  program targets to impact 180 young refugee women and girls living in urban Kenya through digital and soft skills training. The event was honored by guests from various embassies, companies, and the UN, who share in the strategic goal empower refugees and other vulnerable people to achieve their full economic potential.

During our visit, we also met with stakeholders from diverse sectors that would enable local beneficiaries to advance their economic and social livelihoods. During our meetings, we discussed the future of opportunities and obstacles within the growing digital economy, freelancing and opportunities for collaboration to create impact. The Konexio team also enjoyed visiting the JRS offices in Nairobi to hold discussions and explore areas for further collaboration. We had the chance to lay down the logistics to implement a future joint project in Kakuma refugee camp, which is set to launch later this year.

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