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Good Vibes Corner: Embarking on New Adventures with Allegra

After rocking it as the International Programs Manager at Konexio, Allegra is moving on to new adventures.We wish her all the best!

We caught up with her for a quick chat about what's next.

  • Reflecting on your time with us, what's one valuable lesson you've learned that you'll carry forward with you into your next adventure? Self-confidence. I have grown a lot over the years in ways that I didn’t expect. I started as a grant writer, and have the opportunity to explore strategic and leadership responsibilities. I’ve learned to trust myself more and articulate my values in the way I work.

  • As you move on to new endeavors, what aspect of your work here do you think you'll miss the most, and why? I’ll miss the creativity. Konexio makes so much room for innovation and trying new things. And the team, of course!

  • What exciting plans or goals do you have lined up for your next chapter after leaving here? I’m stepping into an advisory role with Konexio’s board, and I’m looking forward to supporting Fabien as he takes the reins. 

  • Any wild or unexpected adventures you're planning as you step into the unknown after saying goodbye to Konexio? I’ll be spending lots of time with my family! The truly wild thing about this is how much food we eat when we are together.

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