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Konexio attends MigraCode III Conference in Athens, Greece

Konexio gathers with fellow MigraCode EU partners at a summit to discuss employability strategies

Konexio gathered in Athens, Greece with fellow partners in the MigraCode EU network, a collective that promotes open tech education for refugees and migrants, for a conference on employability skills. Migracode is a European network of code schools made possible by various nonprofit organizations. The network also collaborates with corporate business and other organizations to support vulnerable groups all throughout Europe.

The network promotes the exchange of best practices between all schools, made possible through online and transnational meetings supported by the European Union. Among the participants, all of whom are nonprofit EU-based training centers aiming to help refugees find jobs, were the Social Hackers Academy, MODE, Borders: None, and the Open Cultural Center.

Together, participants discussed entrepreneurship, freelancing, and the future of jobs in the IT sector, and shared best practices and educational models aimed at better addressing the needs of migrant workers, refugees, and vulnerable communities. Konexio shared its expertise in fostering multi-sectoral partnerships that have enabled our beneficiaries to advance their economic and social livelihoods. Additionally, they discussed the future of opportunities and obstacles within the ICT sector, entrepreneurship and freelancing. Alongside representatives from Croatia, Greece, Spain, and Poland, the Konexio team created a strategic plan to increase job opportunities and retention rates in the digital economy for refugees in the EU. The priorities and objectives of the MigraCode EU team were set in light of Konexio’s contributions, with much discussion of collaboration in the near future, particularly in bridging the gap between corporate, private, and public sectors to bring economic solutions to the most vulnerable.

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