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Konexio Founder and CEO Jean Guo to Attend the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship's Women's Economic Empowerment Accelerator

Konexio to partner with The Miller Center to promote economic and digital inclusion for all

Globally, only 20% of the world’s 40 million+ adult refugees are employed, with refugee women experiencing unemployment levels up to 17% higher than those of men. Accordingly, the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship will bring together social sector leaders who are committed to supporting women at its Women’s Economic Empowerment Accelerator (WEE), which will be held remotely from January 26, 2022 until July of this year. Konexio’s founder and CEO Jean Guo will attend this mentorship program, seeking to strengthen Konexio’s commitment to equal opportunity for refugees and low-income women through digital skills training. Konexio’s upcoming program launch in Nairobi, in partnership with RefuSHE, as well as its current programs in Seine-Saint-Denis, in partnership with Social Builder, form the current backbone of Konexio’s women’s-specific programming.

The Miller Center, which is located at Santa Clara University in California, is at the forefront of the global social entrepreneurship movement, with a robust track record of accelerating social enterprises since 2003. It affirms that business can be a driving force for social change and poverty eradication. Specifically, WEE helps social enterprises incorporate gender lens strategies and takes a robust approach to supporting women as leaders, employees, customers, and members of the value chain.

​Through its training programs, Konexio equips women refugees with employable skills from digital literacy to computer programming. Konexio’s training programs create a streamlined path to the job market through online freelancing and corporate partners such as Upwork and Appen. Konexio thus creates sustainable livelihoods for women in the high-growth, male-dominated digital industry, where women represent only 25% of workers. Women graduate from Konexio’s programs with work experience in a high-opportunity field and the means to independently sustain themselves and their families. By participating in WEE, Konexio will have the opportunity to deepen its role in closing the skills gap in digital industries for women.

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