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Konexio to launch in Kenya in collaboration with RefuSHE with support from

Konexio will partner with RefuSHE to train 180 refugee women in digital freelancing

Konexio and RefuSHE will jointly launch Konexio’s Digital Inclusion Program in Nairobi, Kenya as successful applicants to the Google Impact Challenge for Women and Girls 2021! The competition received over 8000 applications from around the world, the most for any Google Impact Challenge to date. With the help of Vital Voices, selected 34 of the boldest and most innovative solutions, including Konexio’s digital freelancing program, to help create a more economically equitable world for women.




RefuSHE and Konexio will provide scalable freelance training and connect young urban refugee women to safe and dignified livelihoods in the growing digital economy. RefuSHE will also provide wraparound services like counseling, daycare, and a laptop buy-back program to help refugee women launch their careers and thrive after graduation. In total, 180 young refugee women and girls will participate in the program, which will launch in Spring of 2022.

​“We are so excited for this new collaboration with RefuSHE and honored to be supported by,” said Konexio Director Jean Guo. “Kenya is an incredibly dynamic hub for tech right now. We are grateful for the opportunity to leverage digital transformation to bring about a world in which every woman is able to realize their full potential, have equal access to opportunity, and contribute meaningfully to society.”

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