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Meet Noor, Digital Inclusion Program Trainer in Amman

Updated: May 4

Noor is one of two JRS trainers working at JRS and Konexio’s Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) in Amman, Jordan. The DIP was launched in Jordan this fall. The first cohort is made up of 30 students from diverse backgrounds, including refugees and young Jordanians. We asked Noor to tell us about her experience as a DIP trainer.

Qn: Tell us a little about yourself and your role. 

My name is Noor Qubbaj. I am a passionate learner as well as a passionate teacher: I completed my Master's degree to be a professor. I am very excited to be an IT trainer at JRS and Konexio. I feel proud when teaching my students about new technology and simplifying complex concepts.

Qn: What drew you to digital freelancing training? 

I was drawn to digital freelancing training because freelancers have more options than company employees. Freelancing offers additional opportunities to those who don't have permits to work here in Jordan.

Qn: What impact do you think your work has? 

I am optimistic that my work has a significant impact on my students as I teach them how to use computers and technology, so that they can leverage their skills to secure digital jobs after the course.

Qn: What do you enjoy most about your work? What part of it is the most challenging? 

The most enjoyable thing in my work is seeing my students understand and practice what I teach them; the most challenging is seeing not all of them have time to do exercises or read extra resources.

Qn: What do you think is the most valuable skill students get from their digital skills and freelance training? 

I think there is more than one valuable skill, but the ones I would choose are knowing how to make the most out of search engines  and organizing data in Word or Excel.

Qn: What’s one key piece of advice you usually give your students? 

One key piece of advice I give my students is "work hard, practice, ask, and try more than one way to achieve the task."

Qn: What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned from your students over the years? 

The most valuable lesson I have learned from my students is how important it is to have not only passion, but a roadmap to achieve one’s goals.

What has been your biggest achievement so far as a DIP trainer? 

My biggest achievement as a DIP trainer is hearing my students say they look forward to coming back for the next lecture. I have learned to be firm with my students while at the same time listening to them and encouraging them.  

Qn: ​What are you most excited about in the next digital skills training?

I am always most excited about helping my students!

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