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Meet star student Akram, recent Jordan DIP graduate and full time web development freelancer!

Akram is a web developer from Iraq, who graduated from the Jordan Digital Inclusion Program (DIP) this past May. Akram is motivated by his passion for programming, and works fluently in 7 different programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Throughout the DIP, he particularly enjoyed his time interacting with peers and ICT instructor Noor!

​We asked Akram to share his experiences and plans for the future.

Akram’s interview has been lightly edited for clarity and accuracy.

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself - your name, where you are from, and your personal/professional background.

I am Akram, I am Iraqi, and I have studied many things during the past 7 years. First, I studied math, then I started to study programming on the internet, along with music.

Q2: What originally drew you to ICT and web development?

I watched a lot of YouTube channels and programmers.

Q3: What kind of web development tasks do you enjoy working on?

I am a full stack web developer. The user interface is very colorful and I have to build with my art. But the most interesting [aspect of web development] for me is not the user interface, it’s the backend which has most of the logic, and dealing with API and database -- all these things grab my attention.

Q4: Do you have a story you would like to share from your work as a web developer?

Before studying programming I read many articles that programming is not that easy and you must go to the college, but then day after another I started to learn HTML and CSS many times. After I came to Jordan I had much free time to develop my skills, then like an arrow I learned frontend and backend, such as Javascript, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and PHP.

Q5: How do you feel about graduating from the DIP?

Before enrollment in DIP I studied mobile development to be freelance, but I was hesitant to be a freelancer because I could make mistakes or be a victim of scamming. I felt [the DIP program] would a great opportunity, but the fact is that it was more than great – words can't describe it, especially in the class with our teacher Noor and with my colleagues.

Q6: How do you feel about freelancing online, and has this changed throughout your time in the DIP?

Freelancing is a good opportunity for everyone to be independent and self learn. 

Q7: What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans are to keep developing and continue to apply for bids [on freelance job sites].

Q8: Is there any advice you would like to share with others who are interested in web development as a career?

People may face changes in their lives, and many are often afraid of what they have not already faced. However, everyone has to feed themself with more skills and give themself the opportunity to learn. 

If you have any need for a web developer and would like to get in touch with Akram, check out his profile on

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