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New Staff Team in Nairobi: Meet Fidel and Ayusa

Training expertise and local knowledge strengthen Konexio’s international offerings

We warmly welcome Lead Trainer Ayusa Ondieki and International Programs Coordinator Fidel Mutuku to our staff team! Both are natives of Nairobi and together represent Konexio’s first staff presence in Kenya.

Ayusa comes to us with experience in empowerment programs for refugees, youth, and women, most recently at RefugePoint’s entrepreneurship initiatives. Ayusa seeks to bring a forward-thinking digital edge to livelihoods training in Kenya and beyond.

Fidel is an experienced learning and development professional. He has specific expertise in program coordination, implementation, and coaching, with a passion for social advocacy and impact. Fidel will be responsible for supporting our learners, programs, and operations in Kenya, Malawi, and Jordan.




Read on to learn about why they chose Konexio, what they hope to gain from the experience, and what they hope to contribute to our organization. 

1. Why did you choose Konexio?

Ayusa: Konexio's mission is profound for me. I am particularly excited with my role as the lead trainer that will help in the contribution of empowering refugees and migrants to earn a dignified income through freelance work.

Fidel: I was attracted to Konexio’s track record of achievements and the impact they have made on disadvantaged groups and refugees. When I learned about its exciting and ambitious plans for the future, especially in Kenya, I knew that was something I had to be a part of. 

2. What are you most excited about for the upcoming months?

Ayusa: Starting the Training of Trainers with Konexio’s implementing partner RefuSHE on 28th March 2022.

Fidel: I’m excited about working with a diverse team of international staff, learning new things and systems, developing new skills, making new connections and working with like-minded people towards a common goal we are all passionate about.

3. What do you hope to contribute to Konexio?

Ayusa: I hope to share my experience working with refugees, women, and youth toward economic empowerment in the digital space.

Fidel: I hope to leverage my knowledge and experience to help Konexio promote digital skill development and unlock opportunities for both refugees and their hosts to help them generate income and gain economic self-reliance.

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