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Our students are freelancing in Jordan

In Amman, our first DIP cohort has reached the second half of our digital skills course. This means they are now actively freelancing in class! After three months of putting in hard work to establish a strong foundation of digital skills, they are finally putting their knowledge to the test. 

In this part of the course, the students will build top-notch freelance profiles and set up e-wallets, to begin applying to freelance jobs online and earning an income. Noor and Rua, our local ICT trainers, guide students in this process, allowing space for students’ questions or issues to be addressed as they arise. This approach enables students to practice, overcome challenges, and ultimately build up a portfolio of reputable work in a supportive environment. Having real work experience and a portfolio maximizes students’ success after graduation.

​We are so proud of our students’ work!

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