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The return we’ve all been waiting for!

After gradually resuming classes since lockdown, we’re finally able to return to the classroom!

Our Paris Classes:

Beginning on September 21st, we will be running 7 DigitAll classes and 4 DigiStart classes in Paris. Over the next 10 weeks, 65 DigitAll students will master basic digital skills, while DigiStart students embark on an introduction to code.

Meanwhile, the advanced DigiTous web development program begins on November 16th with 40 students.

What’s Happening in Seine-Saint-Denis

We’re not stopping with Paris! Over the summer we launched a satellite office in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Women in Digital

Partnering with Social Builder, we have designed a “Women in Digital” class exclusively for marginalized women. Like Konexio, Social Builder is committed to inclusivity and recognizes the importance of soft skill development. The class will run once in 2020 and once in 2021.


As part of the ITI (Integrated Territorial Investment) Est Ensemble ”Drop-out prevention and job training for young people”, Konexio is launching 7 DigiStart classes on October 12th. This program is a collaboration between Konexio and several small cities to support disadvantaged youth in developing employment-readiness skills.

Students who excel will be invited to apply for our DigiTours certification course which will begin in February 2021.

Towards More Diversity in Tech

Increasing workplace diversity, especially in the tech industry, has become a focal point as companies grapple with how to develop tech that serves all people in society. Konexio seeks to empower people of diverse backgrounds with a seat at the table, so that their unique voices shape the solutions of tomorrow. As such, we are extremely proud of our Women in Digital class, which bridges the tech gender divide for minority women.

Prioritizing Health

Given the coronavirus pandemic and Paris’ classification as a highly vulnerable region, we are putting health first.

To ensure social distancing, we are limiting the number of students in every class.

In addition, we are sanitizing equipment before and after every lesson, implementing virus-prevention training in all of our classes, and making hand sanitizer and disinfectant solutions widely available. Masks, of course, are required.

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