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"With Konexio, I found my added value as a volunteer!", Claire, Konexio volunteer

A web developer for the last 10 years, Claire wanted to show that her career is open to people from all backgrounds and has the ability to change lives. She had never been a volunteer before, but upon hearing about Konexio through a friend, she found an organization that matched her goals. So she took the plunge with us, and we have been delighted! Since 2019, she has been teaching our Digistart introductory code courses.

How did you hear about Konexio?

Through a friend, who herself had heard about Konexio through someone. She had joined Konexio at the start of 2019 and told me “I found a great nonprofit!”: shortly after that I joined the adventure.

What does being a volunteer bring to you on a daily basis?

It is a real pleasure to teach these courses and to follow up and support the learners, which is the main activity during the course. It's nice to see people who come from very different backgrounds and who are all very motivated to learn code. Coding is my passion, I made it my job! I really like being able to share that passion. And of course, there is a whole human and relational aspect at Konexio which is very strong, there is a link which is made.

What drew you to Konexio?

I found Konexio's mission really intelligent: to train marginalized audiences in digital technology and skills, in particular in the profession of web developer. Since I started this career, I have realized that it is a job accessible to many, regardless of their background. And it is a stable, well-paid and valued profession. Helping people by encouraging them towards this type of profession can change lives. So everything was aligned: Konexio's mission, to give computer lessons, which I had never done but interested me, and the audience of people who need help in order to integrate into society. Part of why I hadn't done volunteer work before, was because I couldn't find what value I added, but at Konexio, I found it!

Did you keep in touch with the learners?

There are regular events, Konexio get-togethers, where we see each other, hear about any news, we are always very happy to see each other!

What do you like most about volunteering at Konexio?

The Konexio community is so nice, not just with the learners but also between volunteers. Everyone is friendly, involved, and it's always a real pleasure to discuss the content of the courses or the teaching methodology: I find that there’s a truly constructive spirit at Konexio.

Why do you think people should get involved in volunteering?

I think giving a few hours of your time is ultimately not much of an ask, and volunteering should be a collective principle. If we all give a little of our time, in the end we can really change people's lives.

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