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"We started from scratch and were taught how to teach ourselves" Asma, DigiStart learner

While an aspiring artist, Asma began to take an interest in web development on the advice of some friends. She attended a Konexio discovery workshop* and decided to enroll in the DigiStart training. Today, she is passionate about coding, which allows her to reconnect with the creativity that first inspired her to pursue art.

What did you do before joining the DigiStart program? 

After graduating from high school, I left to travel. I had a career as an artist, I had never touched computers!

Why did you want to try coding?

I had practiced a little with friends who are in the field, and I was very interested. They shared their experiences with me and explained what the life of a developer was like. 

What do you like about coding?

I love creating, it comes from my artistic side. I love designing sites, designing their structure: starting from scratch and making something complete. It's the same feeling I get when I paint.

How did you hear about Konexio?

Thanks to a local initiative in Bondy, I found out about the discovery workshops*.

What did you like during your training?

I liked the pedagogy of the volunteer trainers. We really started from scratch, they allowed us to go at our own pace, and gave us the tools to learn on our own and be self-taught.

What did the training give you?

The basics of HTML/CSS. It also allowed me to know if it was really made for me or not, to know if I liked it. We also had access to a lot of technical tools that allow me to succeed in DigiTous.

Tell me a good memory of your training

The last day, because it was the end and we all felt bittersweet, because we really liked our trainers.

*In order to raise awareness about job opportunities in the digital sector, Konexio regularly organizes "web developer awareness workshops" designed to show the reality of the job through concrete examples and exercises (short talks from tech professionals, discovery games, etc.).

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